Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait

I was thinking about writing a blog post about this, but David Gaughran beat me to it, of course. 🙂

David Gaughran

Kobo read freelyA media firestorm erupted in the UK on Sunday after a tabloid story about WH Smith selling “filth” alongside books aimed at children, which has resulted in Kobo culling huge numbers of self-published titles – most of which have no erotic content whatsoever.

It’s hard to know exactly how many titles Kobo has pulled. What we do know is that Kobo has removed all 7,883 self-published titles distributed to their store via Draft2Digital, as confirmed in an email from D2D’s CEO to affected authors.

However, I think that’s only a tiny fraction of affected titles. Many self-published authors who distribute via the (much larger) Smashwords service have reported their books are no longer on sale on Kobo’s UK store, as have many authors who uploaded to Kobo direct, via their self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life. And, indeed, it’s not just self-publishers that are affected. Lots of small publishers…

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2 thoughts on “Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait”

  1. I figured David would have something to say! … will go read.

    Ahh, the interwebz! On fire again. And yet another bunch of knee-jerkers jerking off their … erm, knees, again. And yet again, innocents get caught up in the lemming-verse.

    I will be so glad when we’re past this wild-west, shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later-if-at-all mentality … is it too much to ask for all the grownups to put the children to bed now?

    1. *Sigh* Yeah, most of my books have been pulled from Kobo, only Yseult, Mars, and Looking Through Lace are still available there. All of the books I published through Draft2Digital are gone. Well, since I only sell there once in a blue moon, it’s not that big a deal. Just the principle of the thing. 😦

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