A day off — and other things that cut into writing time

Yesterday, we had over 20 C weather in southern Germany, that’s about 70 F. I have translating and writing to do, formatting and editing, and I really need to finish a novel I’m beta reading for a fellow writer. So what did I do?

Had a spontaneous barbeque party in the garden!

The garden in October

The garden in October

We harvested tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins, and I cut back the tomato plants that were starting to develop blight. But there are still an amazing number that are continuing to produce, even if they don’t taste quite as much like summer as they used to.

The garden in October

The garden in October

The garden in October

The girls chased the cat and rolled down the hill, and a wonderful time was had by all. I think it’s referred to as “filling the well.”

The garden in October

The garden in October

The garden in October

Here’s something else that eats into writing time, but I can’t give it up: *g*

Yummy time sinks

I did get a fair amount of translating done this week, less writing, unfortunately. Although I did do another editing pass on Island of Glass and got it off to another beta reader.

I continue to experiment with Pomodoro and a couple of other productivity techniques. Seems to be helping with my tendency to “fritter” but even so, it still feels like there are never enough hours in a day!

For the rest of the month, I will concentrate on the translation so that I can concentrate more on writing during Nano. If anyone wants to be my buddy, my handle there is Specficrider.

So what did you guys do to fill the well this week? 🙂


20 thoughts on “A day off — and other things that cut into writing time”

  1. Is that exquisite vineyard-y shot your view? If so, I want one!

    My well got seriously depleted by the news that my radiation therapy will happen the first week of November. I figure once I can get back to my computer (without being all glow-in-the-dark) I’ll have to do 3500 words a day to complete NaNo … I’ve been refilling that particular well by creating a really good (even if I do say so myself!) outline. It’s book 2 of a series so I needed an outline anyway. If this works I just might have to hand in my ‘pantser’ card and join the ‘plotters’ union.

    Will go poste-haste and ‘buddy’ you … I’m tempted to rewrite that sentence, but I think I’ll just leave it there … My handle is Widder – surprising no?

    1. Yes, Widdershins, that is our own personal little piece of paradise, the view of the vineyards along the Neckar. 🙂 It’s a 20-30 minute walk from our apartment, so not exactly our backyard, but every time we’re there, it’s like a mini vacation, despite the work. Buying that plot of land is one of the best things we ever did for ourselves. You can see more pics here, if you are so inclined:


      Buddied you back on Nano. Crossing my fingers for you that it will still work to kick your muse into gear!

    2. Wishing you successful treatment, and many words, from another avowed pantser who has spent most of October on that Really Good Outline. I, too, will be aiming at over 3k a day, because I want to do what I never have, before – write a 100k draft in a month. I think, with the outlining, I’ve got a good shot at it.

      I’m fairly lousy about searching for NaNo buddies – but I think I am Cthia there. Maybe we can return our pantser cards and join the plotters’ union together. =)

      1. Thanks Shan … Sounds good to me. I think 100k is do-able. I’m aiming to setablish a habit of 3500 per day that will continue way past November.

        … will scoot over to NaNo now and see if you are there … … yep there you are … cool bio … love the ‘strewer of joy.’

        Plotters union – reformed pantsers welcome!

  2. Your garden and the area nearby is beautiful! I can’t blame you for taking a day off – we all need one of those every now and then. Heck, I even schedule my NaNoWriMo so that I get one day off a week, if I need it (usually not for such a lovely reason, however). Good luck and I’ll see you there!

  3. What a stellar afternoon and day off. Definitely filling the well. Please, please keep filling the well so you can continue writing your stories. Other commitments can stay in balance — after you take care of YOU and those you love. Thanks for the reassuring note on my ROW80 check-in. Whatever you send will be helpful. And I wish you well with NaNoWriMo. I’m not doing it this year. Too much else going on. Best, Beth

  4. Oh it looks like you had such a fun time and well, it’s time off and fun which feeds our grey cells after all. So it’s kind of working 🙂 Best of luck on that translation and getting revved up for NaNo. X

  5. envy you the temp – cold cold here in UK – great idea to fill the well – I go in the garden and fiddle around or pick up a great book and stay emerged until it’s finished – all the best:)

  6. Ruth,

    What a rich an lovely day! What a view (and I say this as someone who can look out past many miles of trees, and on to the rolling mountains, just by looking out my bedroom window…

    Filling the well is crucial, for me. Bits of what I’ve done tend to weave into my stories, and fire up my imagination.

    I love the action shots of the hill-rolling….such delicious fun! And my granparents used to put up “jams and jells” as they called them. I was fascinated by their rows of delicious offerings, then, and yours,now…

    I did something strange to the copy of CIAM I was editing, and can’t figure out how to fix it (I’ve been working on my Really Great Outline for NaNo!). Is there a timeframe you are looking for, or is Decemberish OK? I could give you general impressions, pretty much anytime, but I made a lot of specific comments, too….if I can get them back into an accessible form.

    This post just made me happy. =)

    1. I’d been hoping to publish in December, but since I’m still waiting on a couple of other beta readers, and I certainly don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s Nano, 🙂 I guess it will be later than I originally thought.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

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