The Parrots of Bad Cannstatt

A couple of days ago, this is what I saw when I looked out of the window of my study:

The Parrots of Bad Cannstatt

The Parrots of Bad Cannstatt

They make an insane racket, but every time I see them it makes me happy. They’ve become kind of a mascot for me, the way they’ve made a home for themselves in the cold, gray city. They don’t migrate — they can’t fly far enough. I find it amazing that they can survive a German winter.

A lot of locals can’t stand the Papageien and their loud screeching, but I even forgive them that. We’ve got good windows, and they’re a cheerful spot of color on a gray day.

I’ve written about the parrots of Bad Cannstatt before, for the speech I gave the one and only time I was a Guest of Honor at a con. Afterwards, it was published in the Internet Review of Science Fiction, and you can still read it in their archives. (It’s pretty long, so I won’t reblog it here.)

With parrots sitting around in trees outside, things have to be good, right? And they are. The still unnamed mystery is coming along wonderfully, and I am now at 35,700 odd words for the month — almost caught up with where I should be for Nano! I still don’t know what the mystery is going to be, but I figure when Nano is over, I can sit down and do some brainstorming. Amber can keep running without me knowing why. 🙂

I’ve also made the changes in Island of Glass suggested by my beta readers. One more read-through and an editor, and then I will hopefully still be able to publish before Christmas!

12 thoughts on “The Parrots of Bad Cannstatt”

  1. Every time I see a squirrel scampering across my yard with yet another walnut in it’s mouth, (and proceed to bury it right in the middle of my hibernating patch of lawn) I smile. It always reminds me of the dog in the movie ‘Up’ that also had a thing for squirrels.

  2. Well, actually the word goes that they’re either refugees from the nearby zoo or from private homes. They’re definitely not indigenous here, and it’s really astonishing that they survive winter (well, maybe not so astonishing THIS winter with temperatures up to 15-16C at times here in Stuttgart 🙂 ). They reside here for quite a couple of years now, and I have the feeling that the population is even slightly going up.

  3. Hello!!!! I live in Stuttgart and I saw these parrots only one time near my house! Where I need to find them again to write an article, but I can find them!! Can you say to me where exactly did you saw them in Bad Cannstatt?? I went to the Rosenstein park, but nothing!! :/ I will apreciate if you could help me!! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Andrea. They live mostly in Bad Cannstatt. They can often be seen along the Neckar, but if you want to make sure you see them, go to the trees between the Daimlerplatz and the former B14 and the Burger King there (now Waiblinger Str., I think?) at about dusk. They have decided to make those trees their nightly hangout, and they all fly in, looking for perches. There are also quite a few along the B14 in the direction of Wilhelmsplatz and the Kaufhof there.

      Viel Glück! 🙂

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