New cover for Facets of Glass

I have a new design from Littera Designs for the second book in the Glassmakers Trilogy, based on feedback I got here on my blog and elsewhere:

This is a for a series of YA novellas set in an alternate Baroque period with magic. Facets of Glass takes place in Prague and other settings in Bohemia (mostly equivalent with present-day Czech Republic).

Just for fun, here are some of the images I’ve started collecting on Pinterest:

So what do you guys think? If you haven’t seen the original designs, they’re here.

7 thoughts on “New cover for Facets of Glass”

  1. Lovely – very professional and eye catching. My only quibble is that there seems like a bit too much space between the girl’s head and the top text. The eye is directed there, but there’s nothing to see. You want the eye directed to the title, I think. This can probably be corrected by choosing a darker font for the book title.

  2. Beautiful. I would agree with Xina, though. I’d bump all the graphics up just a tad, leaving the text where it is. A few light flashes, used sparingly, on the title to make it appear as though it’s glass would be a nice touch. And now that I look . . . the lamp b the ‘F’ is a bit distracting. Although, if you bump the graphics up it may get hidden.

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