Happy holidays to all!

I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is a full time job. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last couple of days:

And that doesn’t include all the shopping for dinner, marinating the lamb, etc.

We put up the tree with family on Saturday, which involved getting it, decorating it, and eating cake (cherry cheesecake, which I made before the festivities). Then we had the girls overnight. But before their parents left for a blessed night alone, we discovered that Mira still fits in an Amazon box:

Sunday was spent with the girls and then putting together some last presents. I’ve been trying to get at least a page of writing and a page of translating done each day the last few days, despite holiday obligations, and I managed it Saturday and Sunday, but not today. Today I had to do the rest of the shopping for the Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow, as well as wrap the rest of the presents. Which all took longer than I expected. So what else is new?

I barely made it to this blog post today, a day late. But I’ve been having fun. And I’m looking forward to the big party tomorrow. It will be slightly diminished with my own “little” girl on another continent, not to mention a death in the other side of family of my granddaughters. But I am hopeful the girls will be able to forget that for a while in light of the festivities.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!


9 thoughts on “Happy holidays to all!”

  1. I went grocery/last minute shopping for stuff today. The upside is, we have food for the next few days! Including a very nice roast that I can’t wait to put in the crock pot. Hope you have a great holiday!

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