Jay Lake fundraiser and a brief update

Better times - Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold

For several years, Jay Lake and I were writing stories together on a regular basis. Two of the short stories we co-authored made it into Year’s Best anthologies. But then interests shifted, and we both started focusing more on novels, and I stopped visiting cons, and we drifted apart.

And then Jay was diagnosed with colon cancer.

He’s been battling cancer for years now. A while back, his doctors said he was cancer free, and his friends and family, me included, heaved a sigh of relief. But last year, after the cancer cropped up again, he was declared terminal. Now he has a chance to participate in an experimental NIH program — but they don’t pick up all the costs.

There’s a fund-raiser to help him out with the expenses:


So I’m asking the Interwebz to chip in if you can. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to kick in a dollar or two.

On the writing front, I’m plowing ahead on the translation, but still not at a rate that will allow me to catch up with where I wanted to be anytime soon. Oh well.

A Wasted Land and Amber’s story are limping along, but I am a little ahead of my modest goals. I managed to write 2200 words in the past week.

Good luck to everyone on their writing goals. 🙂


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