It’s accounting time again! Me and my goals, first quarter 2014

Long, long ago, when I first came to Germany, I was given the nickname “Nessie” (for my last name), and I liked it so much, I kept it. Who wouldn’t want to be a big green sea monster, after all? Anyway, my son got me this excellent T-Shirt, which I think is very appropriate for a post where I have to fess up to all the things I didn’t accomplish in this round:


In case you can’t read the words, they’re “The important thing is that I believe in myself.”

Anyway, on to the accounting for the first Round of Words in 2014:


– Write every day, aiming for at least a page, or 250 words. This is really low for me, and once I manage to catch up on the translation, I can raise my goals. At that point, I will also add some specific project goals.

I did work on writing projects almost every day, but it was more revising and editing than creating new words. Still, as long as I continue to work consistently towards my writing goals, I’m pretty happy with myself.


– Be done with the Big Translation Project by the end of the round

Not quite. I am now on page 257 of 303. At least the finish line is in sight now. Maybe I can get it done before the next round starts.

Writing business:

– Publish Chameleon in a Mirror

– Publish Island of Glass

Nope. Only recently got the comments back from the final beta reader, so I’m still working on revisions on that one.

– Publish “The Shadow Artist”

– Upload “Leaving Sweater” to Smashwords and make it free
‘Fraid not.

– Publish Shadow of Stone to B&N, Smashwords and D2D

– Publish “Mars, A Traveler’s Guide” to Amazon and make it free
No such luck.

– Make Author Page for and

I made my author page for Amazon UK! It’s not live yet, though. I’ll provide the link when I have it. I still need to do

– Update my blog’s book page
DONE!! You can see the new page here.

– Submit a short story a week to traditional publishers

Not quite. I submitted four short stories this round, of which three have already been rejected. I added this goal late, but I still should have had twice the submissions. Maybe next time!

I did have a long list of goals, and the translation is keeping me very busy, so despite all the goals I didn’t achieve, I’m still pretty happy. Hope the rest of you are too!

15 thoughts on “It’s accounting time again! Me and my goals, first quarter 2014”

  1. It sounds like you made great progress on your goals. Congrats!

    I love the T-shirt! I can’t say that I have any that are that entertaining, though I once went to a showing of Twilight wearing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer T-shirt, just to see if anyone would get the joke. (They did–my friends are, apparently, as zany as I am…)

  2. Wow, that’s quite a list! =)

    If you didn’t make them all, that means you’ve got a head start on your round 2 goals, right? You made plenty, and that shirt is a cool message on so many levels!

    My you get through those last pages, and be able to shift your focus to other things, at least for a while!

  3. Love the shirt. 🙂 I, unfortunately, fell flat on my goals and my posts. That darn book launch thing got in the way. You had quite a few more goals than I did, and managed to make headway on some and tick others off the list. Congrats!

  4. I agree with everyone about the shirt–I’m off to check out the site in a bit. Also, you did nail several of your goals, so *confetti* for those! I like Shan’s take, too–ready made goals for ROund 2!

    Nearly all of my writing time was spent more in contemplation and character-building, but like you, I’m happy that the time was spent on that instead of the usual binge TV (blush). I accomplished a handful of goals, so I’m happy..

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