Translation finished! And once again my writing brain is working. :)

I finished the Big Translation Project today, woo hoo! Of course, it once again took longer than I expected: not only had I forgotten about the Acknowledgments and the Historical Note, I underestimated how much research I would have to do for the history, to find out what the common German terms were for various events, battles, and historical figures. It was fun, though, and I learned a lot I hadn’t known before. Take the Massacre of Verden, for example — fascinating stuff!

The translated book isn’t FINISHED finished yet — my husband still has to read through it for me. On this project, I was translating into German, and it’s a lot tougher that way around than into your native language, believe me. (I’ll post more about the project when we’re closer to actually publishing it.)

But even just finishing the translation of the novel proper took a big load off. For the first time in months, I found myself daydreaming about scenes in A Wasted Land. I can hardly tell you how happy that makes me. Rather than mulling about the translation, my own story worlds are starting to repopulate my mind. 🙂

My only real creative writing progress this week was jotting down the ideas for those scenes, as well as writing in my notebook (paper), planning which writing projects to tackle next, now that I have a bit more time and a few more brain cells again. Obviously, I have to get back to A Wasted Land, since it has started bugging me. On the writing business front, I also need to finally get Island of Glass published — and after Recontact has gone through the Villa Diodati workshop, that as well.

Those will be my main emphasis in coming weeks. Once I’ve had a bit more time to contemplate and organize, I will get more specific about upcoming writing and business goals. But for now — relief!

Hope everyone had a great week. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Translation finished! And once again my writing brain is working. :)”

  1. Congrats on finishing the translation! Doesn’t it feel great to get a big project off your plate? I know I am going to have tons of research to fill in on my current WIP. One of the toughest IMO is figuring out how people in a given historical era thought of things, or what was common knowledge (or wasn’t)- and that’s tough in my own language! Have fun getting back to your own fiction writing!

  2. Congrats on finishing the translation, Ruth.

    It’s great how, when you finish a major project, the wheels start turning for other ideas. As I get close to the end of one project, I start becoming more and more excited about what I can work on next–and I find myself daydreaming about new characters and a new story. Best of luck!

  3. Sooo happy for you! =)

    How wonderful to have that project on its way to full completion! And how wonderful to feel your own words and worlds peeping in again.

    I’ve gone from one challenge to another – but it’s a pretty big shift from Kifo Island to Enterprise NX-01, so it feels like a breath of fresh air to start thinking in Vulcan again! =)

    May you enjoy your lull, and may the perfect projects present themselves at just the right time.

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