Apple, Amazon and the uncertain future of the book startup

Interesting overview of the present state of the traditional and ebook market.


Over the past few years, I’ve encountered countless startups that claim they are going to disrupt or revolutionize book publishing.

I once thought we might see one of those take off. Today, I’m not so sure. Book-related startups face a particularly tough path forward. Here are a few reasons why.

When Amazon is the chief disruptor, the odds are stacked against you

Any company that comes along trying to reinvent book publishing is competing not only with traditional book publishers but also with Amazon(s AMZN), which is almost 20 years old but keeps finding new ways to shake things up. Print book buying continues to move online and Amazon, which is now delivering on Sundays and offering same-day delivery in a growing number of cities, has a lock on that business. Kindle, launched in 2007, is the dominant ebook reading platform and Amazon is continually rolling out improvements to the Kindle…

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2 thoughts on “Apple, Amazon and the uncertain future of the book startup”

  1. It is however an overview that seems to be focused on the US market without paying much attention to trends in the rest of the world, a myopia that is nothing new, but I think is a dangerous one for ebook publishers, self or otherwise.

    Interestingly, just before coming here, I was over at Ebook Bargains UK Blog and got a slightly different slant on the issue.

    What’s your perspective , as a self-pubber and being in Europe, on this?

    Here’s the URL if you want to take a gander:

    1. Yes, well, the vast majority of my sales are in the US market, despite the fact that Yseult originally came out as a German translation.

      I haven’t signed up for Scribd. I feel like I need more info on what kind of income Authors are getting from subscription mode first.

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