Looking for feedback on map and description for Island of Glass

As I’ve mentioned in my last couple of posts, I have once again switched from creative, “new words” mode to editing and formatting mode. But I think once I have Island of Glass published, my brain will be out of mourning enough that I can I can get back to creating new words on a fairly regular basis. On Saturday, I woke up dreaming about the story I want to write in the Villa Diodati shared world that I mentioned here. That inspired me to call up the file, and I added nearly 500 words to my tale.

Other than that, this week I’ve been beta reading and putting together the glossary, author notes and other back matter for Island of Glass. All of that did actually add up to 2200 new words — just not fiction. Still, together that gives me 2700 words for the week, much better than I expected.

I also made a map for Island of Glass. As a basis, I used Ignazio Danti‘s 16th century map, pretty close to the era in which my story is set:

Venice map for Island of Glass

So what do you all think?

I also write a description for the book. I’d love feedback on this as well:

Seventeen-year-old Chiara Dragoni is a master glassmaker of Venice, a position that is both a privilege — and a trap. For the glassmakers of Murano are forbidden to ever leave the islands of the Venetian lagoon.

When Chiara’s uncle is caught on the mainland and thrown into the dungeon of the Doge’s Palace, she must use all her talents, including magic, to help free him. But the gift she creates for the ruling prince of Venice has unintended consequences, and now Chiara must decide whether to give up everything — and everyone — she knows and loves to save her dream.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive week. Me, I’m hoping it cools down a bit here in Central Europe. Right now, we have all the blinds down to keep the heat out, and it’s kinda dark in here …

9 thoughts on “Looking for feedback on map and description for Island of Glass”

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. May you continue to heal as you grieve.

    I love your map and your description. The map is intriguing, and the colors appeal deeply to me, because I have a long-standing love for the color blue. And the idea of glassmakers and their art…I am intrigued.

    May you have a bit of our rather unseasonably overcast cool, soon!

  2. All of that front matter and back matter takes a while to put together–one of those tasks I always underestimate in time needed. That map is gorgeous! And the description certainly makes me intrigued. Good luck with the rest of the edits, and here’s hoping you get some cool breezes!

  3. Love the “blurb” for the story. Maybe consider morphing “dungeon of the Doge’s Palace” to “the Doge’s Palace dungeon” or something similar.

    Map looks amazing and carries an authentic feel about it. Kudos!

  4. The map is amazing!
    I like the blurb, but that second paragraph feels a bit generic–maybe go into *slightly* more detail as to what Chiara creates and what kind of unintended consequences it has?

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