Slowly getting back to writing: My quarterly accounting post

Those who follow this blog will know that I took some time off from writing the last couple of weeks to give my mourning brain a break. When the mourning seemed to be going on a bit to long, I remembered the letter from Clarion West in my inbox and signed up for the Clarion West Write-a-thon again this year. That started on Monday, and I haven’t quite reached my goal of 500 words a day, but almost: 400 a day on Monday and Tuesday, and 500 on Wednesday. At least it’s helping with my main goal — getting back into writing regularly again.

Now for the accounting, my goals at the beginning of the quarter and what became of them.


– Work on writing related projects every day. Once the Big Translation Project is done, return to daily page goals.
I mostly did this, except for the first couple of weeks in June after Jay died. Life happens, and so does death, and sometimes we just can’t push forward with our goals as a result. Some things are more important than writing a few more pages.

– Move forward on A Wasted Land
I have done so, if slowly.

– Finish edits on Recontact (collab eith Jay Lake)
Finished a first round of edits and put the novella through the Villa Diodati workshop in Spain the beginning of May. I have yet to integrate the critiques I got there.

Finish edits on Island of Glass

– Start Facets of Glass
Started, yes, but barely. 🙂

– Write 2 new short stories
Wrote one and started a second.


Be done with the Big Translation Project by the end of April

Writing business:

Publish Island of Glass
DONE! Well, at least for the paperback. 🙂 I still have to arrange some promotion and set a date for the publication of the ebook.

– Publish Recontact (novella with Jay Lake)
I did not finish this in time, unfortunately. 😦 But since I didn’t, I think I may send it around to some magazines first. That might bring in more money for Jay’s daughter and widow than an ebook would.

– Publish “The Shadow Artist” as ebook

– Upload “Leaving Sweater” to Smashwords and make it free
Didn’t upload to Smashwords, but free books through Draft2Digital are now also going free on B&N, which is slowly making Smashwords obsolete, as far as I’m concerned, seeing as their Meatgrinder (their term, not mine) is so difficult to format for. I have better things to do than uploading a book half-a-dozen times. With Draft2Digital, if it doesn’t work the first time, it usually works on the second, and it’s a lot faster to boot. Anyway, “The Leaving Sweater” is now free on both B&N and iTunes. I just have to get Amazon to price match.

– Publish “Mars, A Traveler’s Guide” to Amazon and make it free

Make Author Page for
DONE! You can check it out here.

– Submit a short story a week to traditional publishers
Not quite. Only 7 story submissions this quarter.

– Start marketing my ebooks again
I’m afraid not. Which of course is reflected in my abysmal sales. But I am well aware that I have only myself to blame, and nothing will change until I put my marketing hat back on again.

I don’t have a lot of strike-outs above, but I’m ok with that. Like I said, death happens, and if I started kicking myself for crying too much because a friend died, what kind of person would I be?

And looking at my list, I managed to get more done than I thought, so I’m good. I hope everyone else is happy with their progress.

Jay Lake, June 6, 1964 - June 1, 2014

16 thoughts on “Slowly getting back to writing: My quarterly accounting post”

      1. Ergh, hard, since I’m in Europe and sending books back and forth would be pretty expensive. I want to get back to the States this autumn some time, if you don’t mind waiting. I can have a shipment of books sent to my dad or my daughter in Oregon for the purpose.

  1. I feel awful not knowing about. So sorry Ruth. There are fewer things harder to bear than the loss of a loved one. My thoughts are with your and his family. Take things slow, but try to do something daily. The temptation to stop completely is not a healthy one (at least for me), and if we can distract our brain a little every day, eventually you’ll find the distraction time expands and your heart has learned to bear it. It’s miraculous.

    2004-2005 I lost my grandad, nan, dad and brother (in separate circumstances). So I know a little about ‘bearing’ it.

    All the best Ruth. If you need help promoting, let me know. You and your work is always welcome at my blog. 🙂

    1. Wow, that must have been a really tough year for you Shah. *hugs* Thanks for the kind thoughts.

      Thanks so much for volunteering to help on promotion of Island of Glass! I’m flying to England Thursday for the wedding of a friend and will be there for a week, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me regarding ebook publication before that. I *am* writing every day again now, but I seem to still be in slow mode.

  2. Peace, Ruth… I think you’ve found peace with yourself and your goals quite well here. Glad to see it. I’m sorry life is still turning you topsy turvy somewhat, but it’s good to know your are working within your emotional limits and making things that matter most to you happen.

  3. Ruth,

    The Vulcans would say, “I grieve with you.” And I do.

    I hope you will be gentle with yourself as you move through your shifting emotions. You wrote some, published some, got through a big project, and moved things forward.

    And you grieved, and honored, and remembered.

    Sound to me like a round lived with rich honesty.

    Much love.

    1. Thanks so much, Shan. I think I can say that for the most part I have learned how to be gentle with myself. 🙂

      And next week I have a wedding to look forward to! Things have to get better. *g*

      1. I’m glad you’re being gentle with you. And a wedding is a good way to find something to celebrate. I hope you have a lovely, renewing time.

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