99% of what Writers are hearing in terms of advice comes from 1% of Authors.

Ruth Nestvold:

Great article about the difficulty of taking advice in this rapidly changing publishing world — my own or anyone else’s, since within a few months, it could be obsolete.

Conclusion: you have to keep reinventing yourself. In the writing life, there is no such thing as making it (except perhaps for a fraction of a second, or a fraction of us writers.) Dream of resting on your laurels? Plant some bay. :)

Originally posted on Write on the River:

So how much actually applies and is useful?

I recently taught at a conference that forced me to get back to basics. Both in terms of the craft of writing and the business. Like many agents and editors, successful authors, after years in the trenches, become a bit jaded, and we also tend to forget what it was like to be on the outside looking in.

Looking at many conferences and conventions we see the same names presenting, again and again. Normally, they are very successful authors, whether indie or trad, who indeed have a lot of great information to impart. Still, the same person saying the same thing at a lot of conferences the same year might be overkill. The same is true of popular blogs where the same party line is touted, without considering the nuanced sides to every issue. After all, I’ve never seen a business event…

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