Getting closer to progress bars, and more from A Wasted Land

I want to thank you all for the tips on getting progress bars set up on my blog. I’m hoping to experiment with that in the next couple of days, and do some other tweaking to my blog as well. Hopefully you will see some changes by next week!

Progress on my various projects continues to be slow but steady. Last week, I wrote about 3200 new words. I haven’t made much progress on getting back into the marketing swing of things, however. My Mondays are largely spent writing the blog posts for “Starting out as an indie author.” I may have to take a break from that for a week or two to get the marketing machine rolling again. Besides, if I’m not selling anymore, how can I write about how to sell your ebooks? I have to figure out how it works, in this new marketing environment (which in a few months will probably be completely different). Oh, isn’t life fun in this brave new world we’re living in? 🙂

Another thing I’ll be taking a break from is working on A Wasted Land. I don’t want to publish the ebook of Island of Glass until I at least have the rough draft of Facets of Glass finished — and as you can see from my word counts below, I am very far from that yet. I may, however, continue posting from AWL on Wippet Wednesday, since I still have quite a few words you guys haven’t seen yet.

Anyway, here’s how my ongoing projects stand now:

A Wasted Land
44,200 of 70,000 estimated

Sooper sekrit project
12,600 of 60,000 estimated

Life in the Fjord Lane
1500 of 3000 estimated (travel, mostly pictures with little text; work largely formatting)

Killing Twilight (short story / shared world)
500 of 7,000 estimated

Facets of Glass (YA novella)
1200 of 25,000 estimated

Starting out as an Indie Author (non-fiction)
7600 (no estimate)

On to Wippet Wednesday. This snippet follows immediately after the excerpt from last week. Celemon and Kustennin are examining the hill-fort of Sarum. Celemon has just thanked him for giving her a new purpose in life as Master of Horse, since she’s certain she will never marry now — to which he reacts very strangely. I give you 20 sentences for the twentieth day of the month:

Celemon shrugged. “I would not want to be a dependent in my brother’s family, and I see little chance for me anymore of starting my own.”
“No!” He pulled his hand away and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You are talking as if you no longer have any chance of finding a husband. I do not believe it!”
At Kustennin’s brotherly defense of her, Celemon was tempted to smile, but given Kustennin’s wrought up mood, she suppressed the impulse. “Kustennin, I am over twenty,” she said instead, reasoning with him. “My father, who had much influence over Arthur, once the most powerful man in Britain, is dead. Without that influence, there is little reason for anyone to ally themselves with the sister of the man holding the modest fortress of Caer Gai. Not to mention that so many men died in the recent wars, there are many women in my generation who will be left without husbands. But at least I am not left without a task, and I have you to thank for that.”
“You value yourself too little,” he said, his voice sounding strangely angry. “Not only are you an excellent horsewoman, with a knowledge of the training and breeding of horses that is itself a prize, you are young and comely. You could surely have your choice of men. If you were to leave my service and start stables of your own, you would have customers the length and breadth of Britain. Do not let Aurelius’s disloyalty define your image of yourself. Think on it.” With those words, he turned on his heel and stormed away in the direction of the inner defenses of Sarum.
Celemon gazed after him, disturbed and flattered at the same time. But where did his anger come from?

And since last week I shared the cover art, this week I give you the cover:

Cover for A Wasted Land

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

15 thoughts on “Getting closer to progress bars, and more from A Wasted Land”

  1. That cover is stunning! Amazing work! Did your daughter do this one,too? I’m so impressed! Good luck with the marketing. I’m forever bad at that, it seems.

    I think I know why Kustennin is arguing with Celemon’s very reasonable and logical observations … 🙂

  2. *insert pouty whiny voice here*


    *starts to bang fist on table, stops, looks around…*

    Oh… sorry. But really, I want to know more. WHY is he so angry?

  3. Wow – the cover! Awesome. The whole series of covers give me a feeling a King Arthur and his nights riding through a dark mystical forest. Love it!

    The extract is, as always, emotive and gripping. And yet again your output makes me dizzy. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous cover!

    I really like Celemon’s confusion over Kustennin’s reaction. I’d venture to say his feelings for her leaned a titch away from purely-professional, and that she can’t even conceive the notion of such a leaning.

  5. The plot thickens. Sounds like Kustennin is a little interested himself (I don’t know if he is married or betrothed), and Celemon is far too quick to put herself outside marriage. Wouldn’t her skill with horses alone draw men to her? But the covers are magnificent. As is your steady progress, revealed in word count AND that blog-on-its-way-to-book format. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned about indie publishing. Each of these posts have been very helpful! Persevere — even on Mondays!

  6. Very nice cover! Dark and brooding. Great excerpt too, I love the way Celemon is perplexed by Kustennin’s anger. As others have noted above, perhaps he likes her himself? I also like the way that Celemon is able to talk about her situation so calmly and frankly. It can’t be easy for her, especially in the times she’s living in. 🙂

  7. Celemon seems to have horse sense, but to be a bit lacking in man-sense… 😉

    I’m tickled that Sarum’s a setting in this book. I read that novel – oh…a looooong time ago, now!

    I’m wondering if you might not be able to combine the indie-author posts and marketing – say, writing posts on exploring what happens when sales fall off, and the indie world is a-changin’? Maybe your own journey to work that through would be positive marketing. and add dimension to the project?

    Slow and steady can be an excellent pace for covering ground. =)

  8. Love the cover. I’m late getting around to share ROW80 blog love, but I’m glad I stopped by. Marketing is always the thing I struggle with, so it tends to suck a lot of my time. I need to get back to writing so I have a new thing to market. 😉 Hope your August is going well! September is just around the corner.

  9. The cover is gorgeous.

    Is Kustennin married? I don’t recall. I think he has a thing for someone…just my impression. I love Celemon’s line about being 20. *gasp!* Almost an old crone, for goodness sakes. 😉

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