To Self-Publish and Perish: Buried Under 3.4 Million E-Books

Good reading for those of you out there wondering why your books aren’t selling. I don’t quite agree with all the conclusions, but it would be fun to test the “one new book every five minutes” theory. 🙂

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 I finally found where Amazon reveals a hidden (and juicy) statistic: the number of ebooks available in the Kindle Store. If you’re an Amazon Associate, you can easily find it too but to make it simple I took a screen shot of the page where it shows, this one dated August 16, 2014:

Look at what the red arrow points to: “Results from Amazon Kindle Store…3,376,174 results”. That’s how many ebooks are stocked in the Kindle Store as of now: 3.4 million.

And by the time I had finished writing this blog post (one hour later) that number had climbed to…3,376,186! It took one hour to add 12 books, one new title every five minutes. In 24 hours, the number had climbed to 3,378,960, that’s 2786 more books – let’s say, 2,800 a day, that’s over one million books per year – and probably growing at an exponential…

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2 thoughts on “To Self-Publish and Perish: Buried Under 3.4 Million E-Books”

  1. Emegherd! What was this person smoking/drinking/shooting up?

    Let me count the ways …
    Have to look hard for self-published authors?I guess that depends on where you look!
    You bet your bippy $14 for a book will impede sales (maybe not ranking because that’s a seekreet Amazon algorithm)
    Self-publishing (block your ears because I’m going to yell now) IS NOT A CRAZE

    I can’t tell if she has come to praise Caesar or bury him.

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