Slowly increasing word counts, and another #WIPpet for Wednesday

As you can see visiting my blog, I still have not gotten around to redesigning and adding progress bars. As I talked about in my last post, it took me way too long to just get my free incentive to join my mailing list set up. So be it.

At least my output is slowly increasing again, as I try to develop better habits — which mostly involves spending less time frittering around on the Internet, far too easy to do, I fear. My word count for last week came to 4600. And I largely finished putting together the text and photos for my book on our Hurtigruten trip, Life in the Fjord Lane. Here’s the photo I’m thinking of using for the cover:

Hurtigruten cruise

It was taken at dusk without flash in the Lofoten Islands, and I love the colors. What do you guys think?

In the continued absence of progress bars, here’s my list of WIPs and where they’re at right now:

A Wasted Land
44,300 of 70,000 estimated

Sooper sekrit project
12,600 of 60,000 estimated

Sooper sekrit project II
2900 of 30,000 estimated

Life in the Fjord Lane
2300 — word count mostly done now, still need to check photos, compile PDF and test for CreateSpace

Killing Twilight (short story / shared world)
500 of 7,000 estimated

Facets of Glass (YA novella)
2600 of 25,000 estimated

Starting out as an Indie Author (non-fiction)
8600 (no estimate)

On to WIPpet Wednesday! I’m still posting from A Wasted Land, since Facets of Glass is not yet ready to go public, consisting mostly of notes to myself combined with a smattering of dialog here and there. As I begin to flesh it out more, I’ll probably start posting from that for a while.

This scene comes right on the heels of last week’s scene and explains Kustennin’s angry response — which most of you guys had spot on. *g* Today I give you 8 sentences for the 8th month — plus 2 for reasons of inner snippet logic:

Kustennin didn’t know why he was running away. Wouldn’t Celemon’s complaints of never being able to have a family of her own be the perfect opportunity to tell her she had a potential husband standing right next to her? That he had long thought of her as more than a foster sister? But Celemon had confessed her resignation and disappointment to a friend. She never would have said such things to a man she felt attracted to — she did not see him in that light at all. Which on one level was excellent, since they were such good companions and could talk of so many things.
On the other hand, it made it very difficult for Kustennin to court her. Under the circumstances, how was he to get her to see him differently, as something more than the youth with whom she’d spent many of her childhood years? He could hardly blurt out, “I for one would marry you!”
At least not until she began to see him as a man rather than a foster brother.

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

22 thoughts on “Slowly increasing word counts, and another #WIPpet for Wednesday”

  1. I really love the photo, though my very literal brain would crave something having to do with a road for the cover image, based on the title. May be a little too obvious, though. Great job with all those word counts! I know it’s not easy juggling multiple WIPs, but you seem to be doing a great job!

  2. Very pretty photo. 🙂

    How very tragic this scene is! That long-time friendship is the perfect fodder for a beautiful romance and yet Kustennin frets. It seems to me that he is the one having trouble separating himself from that role. Or maybe I should say integrating them? Either way, nicely done. 🙂

  3. I love the photo. For some reason I want the whole thing shifted slightly to the right. 😉

    Ah, Kustennin, that is quite the pickle to be in. *sigh* Will he ever get it worked out to his satisfaction? Or is he doomed to forever serve the role of friend, confidant, foster brother?

  4. Lovely photo!

    This sounds like a classic case of “men and women sometimes don’t get each other.” I wonder if she’s feeling the same way–like she gave him plenty of clues but he didn’t take the hint.

    1. Actually, Celemon doesn’t have a clue. Up until a few months before this scene, she was betrothed to someone else, and she is still recovering from that, which is part of the reason she’s so convinced she’s just plain out of luck.

  5. Ah, Kustennin, you’re thinking too much, dude. Just fling yourself at her. 🙂

    I would crop the photo more. The eye is drawn to the rusted patch on the tank instead of the lovely scene you’ve captured. I threw the photo into and cropped it here for an example:

    Hope that displays okay. Anyhow, if you’re publishing this you may be stymied because it’s been taken landscape style instead of portrait style. I had the same problem with one of mine. Artful cropping will once again be your savior. 🙂

  6. Personally, I think ,”I for one would marry you!” might have been the perfect thing to say. Followed up by an assurance that she could keep her job as long as she wanted to, so that she doesn’t feel like she needs to choose between the two.

    If Celemon is having trouble seeing him as something more than a foster brother, saying that while looking into her eyes would almost certainly start to shift her perception. She already knows his character, after all.

    It is an eye-catching and imagination-inspiring photo. I see what Xina means about the rusty tank, but otherwise, I love it! =D

    1. I’m sure I will still write a scene where he doesn’t hold back, never fear, Shan. 🙂 But to my way of thinking, Celemon’s friendly confession that she’s given up thinking in terms of a family makes it pretty obvious that she doesn’t regard him as a potential object of desire. And there’s so much potential hurt involved in taking that first step …

  7. Ruth, you continue to show us how to move ahead — balancing multiple wips, digging deeply into your characters’ emotional lives, playing around with potential covers. I love your leadership AND your work ethic! Now Celemon will never see him differently if he doesn’t make some kind of move past that ‘foster brother’ role. Perhaps Kustennin, as he supports her independence and growth, can encourage her to see him as a potential partner, an equal. I’m all for a happy ending here! Re the photo, I do like the colors, but what is the heart of “Life in the Fjord Lane”? Is it the call of the mountains, the fjords themselves, and the water? If yes, then a pic that emphasizes the dock (a symbol?) may not work. But trust your intuitions. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

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