Third quarter stock-taking, a Glassmakers excerpt, and a request

It’s that time of year again, time to take a look at the original list of goals and analyze how things went. I’m pretty pleased with this quarter. Here’s the breakdown:


My original goal was to get 2500 words a week written. At the moment I am regularly producing more than 4000 a week, a definite improvement from my original goal. Another writing goal was to write a detailed outline of Facets of Glass — I am now over 11,000 words into the writing of the actual novella. Of course, I also had a number of goals where I made no progress. For example, I still find it hard to work on any of my collaborations with Jay Lake, so those goals remained untouched this round. Nor did I finish any new short stories. But with the serious progress I’ve made on Facets of Glass and several other longer projects, I’m quite happy with the way things have gone this round, writing-wise. I’m also having so much more FUN than I’ve had in a long time!

I met my blog goals as well. I wrote the blog posts about my research trip to Britain this summer, and I have written several installments of my new series “Starting out as an indie author.”

Writing Business

My batting average on the business side wasn’t quite as good, but I also had quite a few goals. The things I got off of my “writing business” list:

– Started splitting Yseult into episodes and publishing individually
– Got Amazon to price match “The Leaving Sweater” for free
– Edited blog, added ebook as incentive to join mailing list
– Found some reviewers for Chameleon in a Mirror
– Uploaded Island of Glass to Amazon for pre-order and set a publishing date.

This is where I need your help! Island of Glass is now scheduled for publication on Oct. 28, so I’d love some volunteers to help me get the word out. That includes any of the following options:

– Participate in the cover reveal on October 14
– Do an interview with me on your blog
– Have a guest post from me on your blog

Also, if anyone is interested in an advance copy of the novella to review, please let me know! That’s one of the hardest things about new releases, getting the reviews needed to be able to promote it on other sites. (I’m not aggressive enough about this, which was why CIAM was reviewless for months.)

Naturally I’m not asking you to do all these things — I’m grateful for any help at all that I can get. I got some inspiration from Amy here and would like to return the favor too. 🙂 I’d be happy to feature all of you on my blog in upcoming weeks — with the caveat that interviews and guest posts should be about indie publishing, given the slant of my blog. But if you’re not an indie writer, I’ll still be happy to post a plug to your book.

If you can help, please let me know either in the comments below, in email, or on Facebook. Thanks!

On to WIPpet Wednesday. For the first time, I’m going to post an excerpt from the second book in The Glassmakers Trilogy, Facets of Glass. Today’s date, the 24th, gives me 2+4 = 6 short paragraphs, which I hope will pique your interest:

Dowager Princess Zilia of House Foscari gazed at the apple of glass that had come with the invitation from Prague. It had little resemblance to the typical art of Bohemian glass, usually thick goblets decorated with deep cuts that reflected the light like the facets of diamonds, or somewhat finer works enhanced by detailed engravings.
This apple was different. She admired the nonchalant artistry, the combination of realism and artifice, the delicacy of the glass — as thin as the cristallo of Murano. The kind of glass that had not been seen anywhere in the world before, other than from the glassmakers in the service of Venice.
The Bohemian glassworks had never before produced glass as thin and delicate as this. Nor had they ever worked in colored glass in this way, at least not to Zilia’s knowledge.
She held the apple, one half red, one half green, up to the light, examining the way the colors flowed into each other almost as naturally as a real apple. The brown stem and green leaves at the top completed the illusion. She turned the apple in her hands, only to discover a small hole, around which had been placed brown residue like that from a worm.
Zilia stared at the wormhole of glass, and all she could think of were a pair of glass slippers with their carelessly tied ribbons. Shoes of glass so strong and so fine, they had captured the heart of her son, Prince Vittore.
Those slippers had been made by a young maestra from Murano, Chiara Dragoni — who had disappeared over a year ago in the lagoon of Venice.

Glass Apple by Bill Brooks on Flickr
Glass Apple (c) Bill Brooks on Flickr, cc license

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

26 thoughts on “Third quarter stock-taking, a Glassmakers excerpt, and a request”

  1. I can’t believe this is the final check in for round three already! I’m glad it’s been a productive one.

    I hear you about the trouble getting reviews. I absolutely hate poking people and I’m always afraid of over-marketing. When I look at another author’s feed on any social media and it’s nothing but promo, I cringe.

  2. A lovely descriptive piece, so fluidly poetic. I’m intrigued 🙂 If you’d like to do an interview and a guest post on my blog, I’m happy with that. I’d offer the advanced review, but I have so many to read I’m not sure my schedule could allow it.

  3. Love the imagery going on here! Could definitely imagine it and started wondering how the colors would change if turned correctly. Great job!

    I’ll help out with the launch in anyway. Cover reveal and hosting you on my blog.

  4. Delicious (the snippet; not the wormy glass apple, however lovely!)

    You wove quite an intrigue around this tiny little moment. I feel the character, and I’m already wondering how it all fits together!

    I would love to join in on your cover reveal, and would be honored to host you on my blog – you pick the topic (Glass slippers? Fairy tales? Glassblowing? ROmance? History?)….

    If I could run your post on a Monday, it would help me, and I also seem to have a very strong reader base for my Coffee and Conversation posts.

    I’ve already committed to some other reading; but, if you’re still looking in a couple of months, I’ll be ready to read again in December (post-NaNo!).

      1. This sounds great -fairytales and glassblowing! =D

        I’m thinking your post would be perfect on Monday, October 27, the day before your release. Let me know if this works for you!

        Since I’ll be participating in OctPoWriMo next month, NaNoWriMo in November (planning underway!); and I’ve signed up for an online course in the life and works of Shakespeare (Chameleon’s Dish research, and just plain fun!); I’m thrilled to know there’s one Monday post I won’t need to come up with.

        Hopefully, this will be great for both of us! =D

      2. If you can get it to me by the Wednesday before, that would be perfect. I don’t have features on Thursdays of Fridays, so I can use that time to get you all set up.

        Feel free to include bio, book info, any links and images or videos that strike your fancy. My tagline is Lovely Chaos, so I’m pretty open, and I love diversity! =D

        You are on my calendar!

  5. Beautiful. But she disappeared? Hmm, was she trying to get away from the prince? Hard to leave a life behind when your work is of such outstanding quality, though.

    I’ll help with the reveal and, since October through the beginning of November is uber busy for me, how about a guest post from you as well at some point? Anything to help. I’ll gladly do a review as well.

  6. I’d be happy to do the cover reveal, and I know we already talked about the guest post. I can do an author interview, too, if you want. I have several dates open still–Oct 17, 21, and 28 for sure, or combined with the cover reveal…whatever. 🙂

    1. Oops…forgot to comment on the WIPpet! Very nice. I love the descriptions of the glass apple. It sounds beautiful. And now I’m wondering what happened to poor Chiara.

      1. Excellent! Do you have standard interview questions you use, or do you prefer I send you some? Or is there another method you like? I’m good with whatever.

  7. If you want to do a cover reveal or guest post over at my blog, I’d be happy to host. If you’re interested, just send me a quick email using the contact form on my site.

    Intriguing WIPpet. Sounds like a good story. Hope you plan on sharing more in the weeks to come!

    1. Will do, Denise!

      It’s going to be tricky sharing from this one, since it’s the second book in the trilogy. This excerpt might already have been too much of a reveal. But I have great confidence in people’s ability to forget. *g*

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