Some good news, and more from Facets of Glass for #WIPpet Wednesday

As those who follow this blog know, I had a fairly successful free run for my time travel novel Chameleon in a Mirror last week. Nonetheless, my summary of the results were a bit on the skeptical side, and I predicted that CIAM would soon drop out of the Top 100 lists that it managed to get into again once it went back to paid.

I am happy to announce that I was wrong — so far. *g* Since Sunday, it has been slowly climbing in the rankings rather than falling. Here is where it was when I checked before starting this blog post:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #17,894 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#28 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > New Adult & College
#52 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > Fantasy
#89 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Historical

I have some ideas as to why that is happening, but I would like to save my tentative conclusions for a dedicated marketing post in my blog series “Starting out as an indie author.”

While the upside of the marketing is actual daily sales again for a change, the downside is less time for writing. I’m still hopeful that I’ll make my 4,000 words for the week, though. My total for Monday and Tuesday was 1400, which would put me still on target.

The Mirror by Frank Dicksee, 1896
The Mirror by Frank Dicksee, 1896

We have another mirror this week for WIPpet Wednesday. I’m still posting from Facets of Glass, the 2nd book in The Glassmakers series after Island of Glass. Dowager Princess Zilia of House Foscari in the Empire of Venice just dismissed the witch in last week’s installment and is now alone with the magic mirror. Here for the 22nd are 22 lines from the manuscript:

When the ornate double doors in shades of cream and pale blue closed behind the witch, Zilia turned to the mirror impatiently. What could be so magic about a white-haired witch? There had to be something in the mirror itself, and if there was, she would be able to call on it too.
Glass apple in hand, she turned back to the mirror, which now only reflected an image of herself in her retiring room — her favorite place in the world, her sanctuary.
“Magic mirror, please show to me,
“Where the maker of this apple might be.”
Nothing happened. The mirror stubbornly continued to display no more than her own reflection. Of course, the dowager princess had no complaints regarding her appearance; the heavy rust and gold brocade of her gown glittered with the sunlight coming in from the high windows, highlights in her hair complimented the colors in her gown, and the skin of her face displayed next to no wrinkles. She was often complimented on how young she looked, and she was quite sure that had she wanted to, she could easily have married again.
But while her own reflection was pleasing, the unresponsiveness of the mirror was not.
She tried again, taking a step forward and holding the apple closer to the mirror. “Magic mirror, please show to me,
“Where the maker of this apple might be.”
Still nothing! Zilia was sorely tempted to hurl the glass apple into the farthest corner of her retiring room, and fling the mirror to the floor for good measure. She did not like being shown up. She was one of the most powerful women in one of the most powerful empires in Europe. A mere mirror not obeying her command felt like an affront.

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

13 thoughts on “Some good news, and more from Facets of Glass for #WIPpet Wednesday”

  1. She’s a real piece of work, isn’t she? I wonder if the mirror is sentient and doing this on purpose or if she simply doesn’t have the right magic. Hm.

  2. I probably won’t say this often, but glad you were wrong. 😉 Hopefully it keeps doing good for you.

    I’m not caring too much for Zilia. Like Amy said, she’s a real piece of work.

  3. Congrats on all the success you’re having with “The Chameleon in the Mirror” and “Island of Glass.” I look forward to reading both of them.

    Loved this excerpt. I have to confess that I have a major weakness for fairy tale retellings. Great writing, intriguing premise here.

  4. I might have chucked the apple myself if I were her. 😉 Wonder if she’s going to get anything out of it or not?

    Congrats on the steady sales. I look forward to reading the recap in your series.

  5. Congratulations on the sales! That’s a big accomplishment. Well done. As for the excerpt, I don’t like Zilia much. On a pickier note, “mere mirror” has some interesting alliteration going on and also sounds like “mirror mirror” so if you’re looking for a throwback to ‘mirror mirror on the wall…” then nicely done. However, if you’re not trying to play sly little vocab tricks, something other than mere might work better there to avoid the repetition.

  6. Power is not necessarily magic =P

    Great excerpt. Definitely getting a feel for the character. She’s kind of stuck up, and I want something to knock her back down–which I’m sure will happen soon enough.

  7. I loved the line about her reflection being pleasing, while the stubborn mirror was not. She intrigues me, I wish I could figure her out! I could also feel her frustration…she showed considerably restraint 🙂

  8. This is intriguing Ruth. I too want to know why the mirror isn’t showing her what she wants to see. I’m guessing, though, that it might show her something else, something she doesn’t want to see… 🙂

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