Potential Self-Publishing Mudholes: A guest post on Beth Camp’s blog

In connection with the blog blitz for the upcoming publication of Island of Glass, fellow writer Beth Camp hosted me on her blog to talk about some potential mistakes indie writers can make. Here a short excerpt from the introduction:

The beauty and the curse of self-publishing is that it is so much easier and faster than going the traditional route, which can take years and (most of the time) still result in nothing. A fact that is often ignored is that self-publishing — while faster — most of the time also results in nothing. Which leads me straight to the first mistake made by indie authors.

You can read the rest over on Beth’s blog:


4 thoughts on “Potential Self-Publishing Mudholes: A guest post on Beth Camp’s blog”

  1. Thanks for the cross post, Ruth. I hope other writers will benefit from your wisdom in this and from your ongoing series — Starting out as an indie author. Your comments make what can be an overwhelming process a little more accessible!

  2. Excellent G.P.

    Sometimes it boggles my mind that in these digital times someone thinks they can just write a story and become wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice … and sometimes I remember we’re dealing with humans, and shake my head and walk away! 🙂

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