Glassmaking & Magic ~ Guest Post with Ruth Nestvold

A guest post I wrote for K.L. Schwengel’s blog about the historical background of “Island of Glass”:

**Editor’s note: Since I am currently out of town, and since the lovely and talented Ruth Nestvold has recently released Island of Glass,  today, I turn my blog over to her. Take it away, Ruth!**

I have a penchant for creating fantasy worlds based on history, and Island of Glass is no exception. The novella is set in a 17th Century Venetian Empire that never existed, and revolves around the fate of a young glassmaker of Murano who is unfortunate enough to catch the attention of a prince. In the world of Island of Glass, magic has been set free, and alchemy and witchcraft are trades practiced for profit, just like glassmaking. In this way, I’ve tried to make magic a little less glamorous, and glassmaking a little more magical:

The work of the Murano glassmakers was in great demand throughout the world. Their craftsmanship was the basis of their…

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