Guest post with Ruth Nestvold! #authorcorner

Guest post I wrote for Adrian J. Smith’s blog on “The Vagaries of Inspiration” — another installment in the background of my new YA novella “Island of Glass.” Enjoy!

Today I’m excited to welcome Ruth Nestvold, a fellow WIPpeteer, to my blog. Ruth released a new book, and I’m so excited to share it and her inspirations with you all.


The vagaries of inspiration

I love to travel, and more than once, a cool place I’ve visited has made its way into my fiction.
A business trip to Taipei led to a short story I sold to Asimov’s, “Feather and Ring”; a short
story inspired by a holiday in Egypt, “Woman in Abaya with Onion,” appeared in Fantasy
; and “The Shadow Side of th Beast” (Apex) takes place in a near future Berlin. The
initial inspiration for my newest novella, Island of Glass, also came from my travels, a trip to
Venice I took with my daughter almost ten years ago now. We stayed on Murano and visited
the Museum of Glass…

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