Fantasy Maps on Fiverr

What an excellent idea! If I ever get around to publishing the Rose Knight stories I wrote with Jay Lake, I think I will try this too. 🙂

The Indie Colophon

Having a map of your invented world is pretty much a staple in fantasy fiction. When your story covers foreign terrain existing only in your head, it helps to give your reader a guide. I knew I wanted a map for my fantasy novel, I just had to figure out how to take it from my imagination to reality.

My first stage was the sketch.

map-sketch (click image to enlarge)

In my sketch, I worked out what elements of the terrain were important to the story. For instance, one of my countries is entirely surrounded by mountains. This is significant because it has affected the history of the country since its inception. Their ability to import and export goods is severely limited, and combined with a desert climate, you have part of the reason for the many centuries of war that has plagued the back story.

I first tried my hand at creating the map myself in Photoshop. I…

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