The sadly rabid puppies: Link update

I’ve been hanging out with friends and family I don’t see very often, so I haven’t been following the whole sock puppies scandal very closely. But it keeps cropping up on various discussion threads and lists I’m on, and I can’t help but reading up on the scandal. Here are some of the better posts I’ve come across in recent days.

My Clarion West instructor George R.R. Martin wrote an excellent summary on why the sad puppies are rather deluded regarding their feeling of being excluded by the new, evilly diversified SF of recent years:

George also wrote a highly recommended follow-up post on Hatespeech:

My fellow Villa Diodati member, Floris Kleinje, provides a great analysis of the ballot and what to do about it. While I don’t agree with his solution for the future (making voting memberships so cheap anyone could vote), he provides a very considered, informative summary:

Obviously, the Hugos are broken and mean absolutely nothing this year, but hopefully somewhere down the road the system can be fixed in such a way that excellent SF can once again be rewarded with a major award.


2 thoughts on “The sadly rabid puppies: Link update”

  1. Thanks, Ruth, for weighing in on this matter and for drawing attention to some blogs that have also dealt with it.

    If any of you out there have the time, I’d also suggest the Philip Sandifer piece entitled “Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters” at:

    I wouldn’t normally give so much attention to this subject, but given the proportions that it is taking on, along with the virulence of so many exchanges in the blogosphere, Sandifer’s analysis is helpful.

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