Back to Facets of Glass for #WIPpet Wednesday

I’m slowly getting back into a productive routine again after the disruption of travel and then recovering from jet lag. The translation is going well, and I’ve also gotten back to writing and marketing, organizing several new promos for my books in recent and upcoming weeks. I’m also submitting short stories to traditional markets again — something I have to do more of.

Quantifying the writing, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. I’ve done a lot of work in hard copy, trying to map out the character arcs for Chiara, Gaetano, Vanna and the Dowager Princess in Facets of Glass and Shards of Glass. I’m very happy with the results and feel like I have a much better handle on where things should be going from here on out. On the other hand, one of the results was that I did a lot of radical weeding in the present manuscript, cutting over 1400 words. So my progress for the past week comes out to -1400. 🙂

After that cheerful news, let us continue on to WIPpet Wednesday! Today I am returning to Facets of Glass, and the place in the story where I was before I went on vacation. Gaetano has just been ordered back to Murano by the Dowager Princess to find the glass apple. I’m giving you 5 paragraphs for the 5th month:

Minerva had been laid out on a couch in a room adjacent to the audience chamber in the Dragoni family palazzo. At least that. It was going to be difficult enough as it was for Gaetano to find an opportunity to crawl around on the floor in search of a glass apple. But if all the people crowding around Minerva had been in the audience chamber rather than the room next door, it would have been impossible.
When they entered the alcove where Minerva lay as if sleeping, Anastasia pushed through the crowds and knelt at her sister’s side, tears streaming down her face, making grooves in the fashionable powder applied by her maids.
Standing at attention in the door frame, Gaetano stared at the scene. Whatever it was Minerva had done to invoke the wrath of the dowager princess, she did not deserve to be made a living corpse.
He turned away from the alcove and examined the larger room. In his mind’s eye, he could see the exact spot where Minerva had fallen, and where her outstretched arm, hand empty, had lain on the marble.
He gazed in the direction her arm had pointed. There stood a tall cabinet with short legs under which the apple could have rolled. Only how was he going to get a chance to look underneath it with all the people in these rooms?

Once Upon a Time, Ann Macbeth

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

One of these days I will get back to posting regularly — once all the other stuff in my life has gotten more back to normal! Hope everyone is having a grand old time in the blogosphere in the meantime. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Back to Facets of Glass for #WIPpet Wednesday”

  1. I love the detail with the makeup. It’s perfect. That one little thing makes a huge difference in how real the scene feels. I’m not sure whether to laugh at or sympathize with Gaetano, though. The situation, despite coming out of something negative, has enormous potential for humor.

  2. I do wonder if he disagrees with the princess so much why he’s still looking for the apple…but those are thoughts of a different nature. =P Its good to see you around again!!

  3. Poor Gaetano! I wonder how he’s going to accomplish the task of looking under the cabinet. It’ll be interesting to watch him try.

  4. So many many questions! What got us here… dang it…. too many good WIPpets this week. I want more. I want to know what Minerva did, what the Dowager Princess did, why he needs to find a glass apple, etc… Is this a Snow White situation?

    1. Yes, the underlying motifs in this book are Snow White. In the first book, they were Cinderella. But as I continue with the trilogy, I find them getting more and more mixed up. 🙂

      1. That happens as you take something and make it your own. And possibly because none of the “originals” are that clearly defined as solely this or that either…

  5. My money’s on Gaetano – he hasn’t let me down yet. Love the detail, the way he uses memory and his station to try and determine where the apple might have ended up…and I think he’ll find a way – he could maybe sound some kind of an alert that would clear the room, on the pretense of making sure it’s safe (I mean, collapses like this don’t happen everyday)….

    But will he take the apple back to DP, or do something else with it, if/when he finds it?

    And progress is progress, even if it manifests in words cut and characters built….

  6. I love the excerpt, the detail is wonderful.

    I have a hard time with jet lag–it’s almost as bad as being sick. Here’s to getting back into the swing of things–and Gaetano finding the apple!

  7. Still find Gaetano a very appealing character. He’s in a tough position, and he can’t just stand there, conflicted, either. Very appealing. I also love the detail you have in this bit, particularly the makeup!

  8. Ahh, Gaetano you clever boy, you’ll think of something I’m certain.I just can’t wait to find out what it is. I do like his character and hope things go well for him.

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