You win some, you lose some: 3rd quarter writing goals wrap-up

My main goal for this quarter was to get back into better habits regarding the writing. I’ve been semi-successful in that respect. Part of what has helped is my new goal to write at least 100 words a day, even if it’s late and I just finished the day’s translation. Because sometimes, if I start getting into it, 100 turns into 200 or 300 or more. I’m not quite up to the 2500 words a week regularly that I wanted to achieve at the beginning of this round, but last week it was 1900, and the week before 2700, so I seem to be learning how to balance the writing and the translation better.

Last week, however, I realized that I will have to up my translation output. Not only did I lose a few days here and there due to all the visits from the States this summer, the fact that German tends to be longer than English means that as I progress through the document, my goal gets farther and farther away. In the original English, the file I’m translating is 249 pages. The German file is now 273 and growing. When figuring out how many pages I had to do a day in order to finish by the end of October, I forgot to take that into consideration. I now have to adjust accordingly — which will mean less time for writing. :/

Specific goals and how I did:


– Write an average of 2500 words a week.

Did so-so on this one. My average weekly word count for the quarter was 2200.

– Finish Shards of Glass

Nope. But if it were as long as I originally projected, I would be done by now. Right now, it’s coming in at 33,600 words. I was shooting for 25,000, and didn’t think it would get beyond 30,000. Wrong.

– Write 3 new short stories

Nope. Zilch, nada, nothing. Too busy with the translation.

– Revise “Pool of Souls” and send it out


Writing business:

– 500 words a day of translation

I’m going to count this one a win, even though I am behind on the project. But given all the challenges I had this quarter, I think I deserve to count it as a success. I mostly kept up, after all. 🙂

– Schedule ongoing promotions for my books

DONE! This is probably one of my biggest successes for the quarter. And the sales of my books are picking up dramatically as a result.

– Publish Almost All the Way Home From the Stars to Createspace

DONE! My collection with Jay Lake is now also available in hard copy. 🙂

– Publish Oregon Elsewise to Createspace

DONE! Another big project off my to-do list. 🙂

Oregon Elsewise

– Submit 5 short stories to traditional markets

Nope. Must get back into the habit of submitting short fiction regularly again. I bombed out on all the rest of my to-do list as well (List books with Babelcube & Noisetrade; Publish “Starting Out as an Indie Author” as ebook; Publish “The Shadow Artist” as ebook; Put together collection of my writing articles with Jay Lake; Put together collection of fantasy stories with Jay).

Well, there’s always the next round. 🙂

8 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some: 3rd quarter writing goals wrap-up”

  1. Overall I would say it was a good round for you, Ruth. 2500 words a week is a good goal. And it’s impressive to balance that with translation and promotion.

    I look forward to reading “Starting Out as an Indie Author” as an ebook. I’m definitely thinking about taking the indie-author path, so I could use any advice I can get.

    Talk to you next round!

  2. That means that you have plenty for Round 4, right? Still to ongoing promotions, that’s big and awesome. 🙂 And your writing regularly. It like how I have set my daily writing goal at 300 words. Even if I can’t get my 30 minutes (or more) of writing I make a point to write something, even if it is a flash fiction piece or a short poem even a 6 word story on those kind of days.

    You done good Ruth and I’ll see you in Round 4.

  3. I also love that Oregon cover — as well as your entrepreneurial spirit! Keep inspiring the rest of us with awesome word counts, many projects (including the dreaded marekting), and a commitment to keep writing in balance with other projects. I’m already looking forward to the next round, ready to refocus goals!

    1. Thanks, Beth! I’m pretty pleased with the cover, especially since it’s 100% homemade, including the image.

      Thanks too for the encouragement. For me, maintaining a balance between work, indie promotion stuff, writing, and life is just about the biggest challenge there is.

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