Goals for the final quarter of 2015

I’m a bit behind here in posting my goals for this quarter. Mostly it’s because of the translation, but here’s an even better excuse:

Cannstatter Volksfest 2015
Cannstatter Volksfest 2015

Those are my granddaughters at the second biggest Volksfest in Germany. Only the Munich Oktoberfest is bigger.

Which proves that I am not working all the time. 🙂

My goals for this round are going to look a lot like those from last round, just with a few completed taken off the list, and a few new ones added. I never manage to everything on my lists. They’re there to keep me focused. So here we go:

Goals for the final quarter of 2015


– Finish the translation of Dragons from the Sea


– Write an average of 3000 words a week. I upped this in accordance with Kait’s challenge, even though I know I don’t have a chance of meeting it until after I’ve finished the translation.

– Finish Shards of Glass

– Start revisions of Facets of Glass

– Write 3 new short stories

– Revise “Pool of Souls” and send it out

– Decide whether and what to do for Nanowrimo (dependent on getting the translation done in time)

Writing business:

– Schedule ongoing promotions for my books

– Submit 5 short stories to traditional markets

– Publish “Starting Out as an Indie Author”

– Publish “Shadow Artist”

– Publish “Degrees of Separation”

– Publish “Cutting Edges; Or, A Web of Women” as an ebook

– List books with Babelcube & Noisetrade

– Put together collection of my writing articles with Jay Lake

– Put together collection of fantasy stories with Jay

As usual, I’m pretty sure I won’t get bored. 🙂

Good luck to everyone this round!

4 thoughts on “Goals for the final quarter of 2015”

  1. Oh how I miss the “Fests” in Germany, I was there as a child and loved all of the festivals they had! It looks like you have a lot to keep you busy this round, may everything fall into place and your words flow onto the page!

  2. “I never manage to everything on my lists. They’re there to keep me focused.” I totally agree with that method. It’s what I do, too. You have a lot of great stuff on your goals list! Best wishes for a super productive round.

  3. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, if you’re able to participate. I had better participate, I set up a donation page!

    I am starting a new job on the 2nd. My days will start early (earlier than I’m used to – I have to get up at 5am to get to a class at 6am, for training, where I will be until almost 3!), but I should have time in the afternoon.

    My concept for this year’s book is slowly solidifying. I hope I’m able to pull it off considering, like I said, I have that donation page.

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