For Halloween, get “Misty and the Magic Pumpkin Knife” free! (At most retailers)

Happy Halloween!

In honor of the occasion, I made my Halloween short story “Misty and the Magic Pumpkin Knife” free through Draft2Digital. Since it’s no longer in KDP Select, I couldn’t make it free through Amazon this year without a lot of hassle, but I’ve made it free there before, so I hope the Amazon folks won’t feel too left out.

Misty and the Magic Pumpkin Knife

Misty Mankin hated Halloween. She hated ghosts and princesses and black and orange. Especially orange. She hated frozen pumpkin pie, the most common kind in Rolynka, Alaska. She hated witches and masks and what qualified as seasonal office parties near the Arctic Circle. She hated all the interruptions of her evening accompanied by screaming and giggling and variations from innocent to profane on the three words “trick or treat.”
She particularly hated the pumpkin knife — and the fact that it contained the ghost of her mother…






Page Foundry

And 99c on Amazon.

Have a wonderful Samhain, everyone!

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