52 authors you can try for FREE!

Fifty-two books by fifty-two authors. All are the first in a series, all are free. Click the image or the link below to check them out!


Please note: not all of these books are free outside of the U.S. Many of them have been made free through price-matching on Amazon, and the author does not have control over this. My book, for example, Yseult: Two Women, has not been price-matched outside of the US, whereas my Pendragon short story “Gawain and Ragnell” has. Sorry for the inconvenience!

5 thoughts on “52 authors you can try for FREE!”

  1. It says 52 books that are free but in reality it is only 50 books that are actually free. Two books is 99 cents and another one is 2.99.

    1. Yeah, it’s odd that Amazon can’t do some things across the board. Countdown Deal doesn’t work, giveaway does, price-matching doesn’t. And you have to create separate author pages for every Amazon store. Gah!

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