Kindle Unlimited: Global Expansion and Impact

Amount paid for pages read with Kindle Unlimited goes down by another 5%. It will be interesting to see where this ends.


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Amazon’s payment for Kindle Unlimited KENP pages read has dipped a hair below $0.005 per page.

There is a downward trend for KENP pages read, although is a reason behind the most recent dip, and, as we shall see, there may be good signs to offset this trend.

  • July, 2015: $0.0058
  • August, 2015: $0.0051 (11% drop)
  • September, 2015: $0.0051 (1% drop)
  • October, 2015: $0.0048 (5% drop)

It started in July at $0.0058, likely to match the projections forecast when Amazon shared their pages read data for June.

It dropped 11% from July to August, likely because there were changes in the readership and/or reading habits when the Kindle Unlimited changes were implemented, and perhaps also Amazon was adjusting KENP settings and measurements.

We saw nice stability from August to September. When we finally see some long-term stability, that will be nice. I think we’ll…

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2 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited: Global Expansion and Impact”

  1. OK, I read the post through twice and I can’t see any good news there. Did I miss something? Yes, the market expanded, but the payout rate tanked 17% in 3 months. Is the trend that more markets will open and the rate will continue to fall? Seemed like she’s hopeful more than anything else, that the rate will stabilise.

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