On Words, #WIPpets, and Freedom for #Nanowrimo

I haven’t posted on my blog for over two weeks, oh dear. But I had a good excuse: Ygerna and Nanowrimo. 🙂

Portrait of a Woman by Charles Allen Winter, often cited as Igraine

After I finished the translation of the second Viking book, I plunged into the Pendragon Chronicles prequel with a passion. (I can do alliteration!) And with the help of Freedom, an app that turns off the Internet, I actually managed to make the 50,000 words, for the first time in several years.

I bought Freedom quite some time ago, but this is the first time I’ve used it extensively for writing purposes. It is now definitely going to become part of my writing routine. With Freedom and no distractions, I can get 500 words written in 30 minutes when I’m on a roll. Of course, many 30 minute sessions I only got 250-300 words, but most days, I didn’t need more than 4 sessions (2 hours) to get my daily word count — and I was way behind as a result of the translation.

Of course, being a winner doesn’t mean I’m done with the novel. It’s still full of notes to myself and research ideas. At some point I will have to do a major slash and burn session. But with Freedom, I suspect the loss will be less than usual, since I couldn’t access the Internet during many of my writing sessions. I kept trying to remind myself that most readers won’t care if the historical background isn’t as accurate as in the other books — and many will be relieved. *g*

Besides, with this prequel, I have the advantage of all the research that has gone before. Of course I don’t remember everything, but often an earmarked book or an Internet search will bring back a lot.

That means that progress for the last two weeks was well over 25,000 words. And during that time I also did (a rather neglected) promo for Yseult — which still managed to get it over 100 sales and boost its rank to #4 in Arthurian fiction. 🙂

On to WIPpet Wednesday! Emily Witt is our host for the snippet sharing session, in which we post an excerpt from a WIP on our blog, something that relates to the date in some way. If you want to play too, add your link to the Linky.

My math for today: 12 sentences for the month, plus the last sentence from the last post for the sake of continuity, since I haven’t played for a while. Ygerna and her little brother Geraint are watching the guests arrive arrive for the wedding of their older sister:

“Do you think one is Uthyr, leader of battles?” he asked.
She squinted, trying to see the wedding guests better. Not that it would help much — it had been nearly two years since she had last seen Uthyr, the Pendragon of Britain, not since the funeral of their older brother, Tudwal. Nonetheless, she well remembered his commanding presence and golden blond hair.
Then a figure neared the land bridge that matched her memories. She pointed. “There, I think that could be the Dux Bellorum.”
At that moment, the blond warrior looked up and spotted them. He grinned and nodded in their direction. Now Ygerna was almost certain it really was Uthyr. She blushed and lifted Geraint back off of the wall. “Come, we should join the rest of the family to welcome Argante’s wedding guests. Race you!”
How embarrassing to be caught spying on the arriving guests like a child! What would the Pendragon of Britain think of her? In a matter of months, Ygerna would turn fourteen, the age of choice for a woman. She was betrothed to Gurles, a neighboring prince from the stronghold of Dimilioc. They were to be married at Christmas in front of the impressive basilica of Isca.
And Argante had barely spoken to her for a week after the announcement was made.

All comments welcome!

12 thoughts on “On Words, #WIPpets, and Freedom for #Nanowrimo”

  1. Congratulations on your NaNo win. That’s huge! Freedom sounds like a great program. Imposed self-discipline … sounds like something I could use. Have a great day, Ruth!

  2. Wowie! 25,000 words in two weeks! I have a free program that blocks distractions on my computer, but you have to type into that program. Does freedom let you type in your own word processor?

    Okay, as odd as this is, I am so glad you have this poor kid engaged at 13. Because that would be historically accurate. (Not that I like the idea of 14 year olds getting married. Of course, they taught their kids how to adult back then, which I’m sure helped.)

    1. Yes, Freedom is a program that turns off the Internet on your computer so that you can use your own WP of choice without distraction. When I bought it, it only $10, and I think it’s totally worth it.

      I’m a little afraid that my realism regarding Ygerna’s age will lead to lots of negative reviews when I publish it. 😦 We will see …

      1. Re Ygerna’s age, please don’t worry. Keeping her at 13-14 is realistic to the time and allows her a slightly different emotional range. My sister was stunningly beautiful at 13; she drew boys and men to her without being aware of the consequences. Interesting snippet.

  3. I don’t see an issue with her age. Sometimes that’s what a story calls for in order to be historically accurate. I read a fictionalized love story about Mary and Joseph, and obviously Mary was very young. It wasn’t an issue because it fit the context. It’s not like you’re writing modern-day erotica involving children.

    I like the snippet and how we’re right there with her as she’s trying to balance being so young with knowing she needs to “act her age.”

  4. Wow, you have accomplished SO MUCH! I’m impressed.

    I really like how you handle the language within the narrative. It’s quite lovely, and very fitting. I immediately get a sense of time and place, and helps fit everything into context.

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