Weird Feminism: The Bergstrom Storm

I am so not going to read this guy’s book.

I also suggest Chuck Wendig’s take on the whole phenomenon of white guys bashing writers who came before them, as if they’re the first to do things better:

Literature & Laura

There’s something I’ve noticed about white middle-aged men who write thrillers with young female protagonists.

On the 24th, S. (Scott) Bergstrom basically pissed off the entire YA community in an interview with Publishers Weekly with his claims that the category is bereft of moral complexity. This sentiment is echoed in his Amazon author page: “What has disappointed me about so many YA novels is the lack of internal conflict when it comes to difficult moral choices.”

While that’s clearly pretty messed up, considering the fact that YA has some of the most morally complex books I’ve ever read (like seriously, has he been reading picture books or…?) what also bothered me was the way he touts his “strong heroine” in interviews. In this interview, he trashes “princess-this, Barbie-that” femininity, and the ideal of “a woman in a pink dress and a nineteen inch waist” – which is…

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