And the winner of the new cover for Looking Through Lace is …

After running various versions of the cover designs for Looking Through Lace past Facebook, my blog, and the cover voting site I’ve used before, we have a winner: looking through hair and stars! *g*

For those curious, here’s a breakdown of the various voting results:

Facebook: Hair – 9; Eye – 3; Hair with Grid overlay – 1

Voting site: Hair – 5; Eye – 2; Hair with Grid overlay – 3

Blog: Hair – 4; Eye – 4; Original cover – 3

I find the differences pretty fascinating. The readers of my blog never saw the hair variation with the grid overlay, since I never got around to uploading it, but there was a strong anti-hair lobby. Everywhere else, however, the hair won hands down.

Despite the various objections to the hair, I’m really happy with the result. AND I will now soon have a paperback version of the novella! One has actually been out for a long time, but it’s in Italian. 🙂

I’m very pleased with the job done by Lou Harper, and have already asked her to do the second book, Beyond the Waters of the World. And with all that investment, I should finally get back to the series … If only I didn’t have about a gazillion other works in progress already …

8 thoughts on “And the winner of the new cover for Looking Through Lace is …”

  1. Seeing the full spread, I like it a lot more. It’s a bit more obvious where the hair ends and the stars/clouds begin when you can see them streaming onto the back cover.

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