Late Happy Holidays! Oregon Elsewise #FREE through Dec. 28!

Christmas has been very busy around here this year, and I never got around to posting about my “Christmas present” to my readers. But it’s not too late! My themed story collection Oregon Elsewise is FREE until tomorrow, Dec. 28. As with the rest of my short stories, I will be taking it out of Select after the end of this run and going wide with it — so if you don’t have it yet, now is the time to grab it! My collections don’t sell on Amazon, but they do elsewhere (if only a copy or two a month), and since they don’t work as loss leaders to sell my novels and novellas either, I might as well publish them on all possible venues.

Here’s the description:

Oregon is a strange an wonderful place. These short stories explore that strangeness through the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Here a sampling:

“The Old Man and the Sneakers”: It began the summer the Nikes washed up on the beach by the dozen — but never by the pair. The old man knew it was a sign …

“The Sea Gives, the Sea Takes Away”: After a painful divorce, Elisabeth returns to her home on Skagit Bay to heal — with the help of a little magic.

“Sailing to Utopia”: Ecotopia is perfect — except when you refuse to be laid back about everything. Fed up, Picara decides to go on a tour of perfect societies, only to discover that every utopia contains the seeds of a dystopia.

The short stories in this collection were previously published in various venues including Strange Horizons, Abyss & Apex and Futurismic.

If you are so inclined, do please pass the word along!

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