Testing a new cover: Looking Through Lace #free until Dec. 29

Before things got really crazy around here, I tried to get various marketing gigs scheduled, among them a short free run for Looking Through Lace to test the cover. It’s free from Dec. 27-29 — and I think I can already declare the new cover by Lou Harper a huge success. I have done absolutely zilch so far in the way of promotion, and as of this writing, it already has 232 downloads. Those are numbers that I normally spend money to get. *g* I do have one Fiverr ad scheduled for tomorrow, for the sake of comparison, since I regularly use Bknights for free runs, as cheap and effective as it is. But Looking Through Lace with the new cover is getting the same kinds of downloads without any advertising whatsoever that I get for my short story collections with ads.

So while we are all admonished not to judge a book by its cover, it seems very obvious to me that if you want to sell a book, you have to make sure the cover is the best you can possibly get. 🙂

Anyway, you still have two days to nab my linguistics-in-space novella for free! If free and the lovely cover isn’t enough of an argument for you, here’s the description:

As the only woman on the first contact team, xenolinguist Toni Donato expected her assignment on Christmas would be to analyze the secret women’s language — but then the chief linguist begins to sabotage her work. What is behind it? Why do the men and women have separate languages in the first place?

What Toni learns turns everything she thought they knew on its head.

Originally published in Asimov’s in 2003, “Looking Through Lace” was a finalist for the Tiptree and Sturgeon awards. The Italian translation won the Premio Italia for best work of speculative fiction in translation in 2007.

Feel free to share!

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