New cover for Ygerna — let me know what you think!

My cover artist Lou Harper sent me a new cover design for my Pendragon Chronicles prequel, Ygerna, and I would love some feedback!

Here’s the ebook cover:

And here’s the wraparound:

Any and all comments and suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “New cover for Ygerna — let me know what you think!”

  1. Excellent … with a minor quibble. The direction the arrow is pointing. It draws (no bow-and-arrow pun intended) the eye down and off the cover, to the right.
    If she had the arrow nocked and slightly drawn, and pointed to the left, it’d feel more like she’s actively ‘taking her revenge’. Also a saddle on the horse would also indicate ‘active’.

    Maybe pop the ‘uthyr did her wrong’ subtitle. It sells the whole story and it gets lost at thumbnail … but the position is great. Draws the eye to the (ruined?) castle.

    Love the boot on the stone. She’s got ‘tude!

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