The KU Conundrum…

I’m not following the drop in pages read as much any more, since I pulled all my books from Kindle Unlimited, but it looks like the problem is far from fixed, according to this post.

Ruby Madden

I’m re-assessing how I run my publishing business for 2017 and wanted to share some of my frustrations as an Author.


Recently, many authors have noticed that over the last few months, the pages-read numbers for our eBooks that are borrowed at Amazon and read, have decreased dramatically. Some say it is just a slump resulting from an Election Year. Others say that something is amuck with Amazon’s pages-read reporting system that lets us know how many pages were read for stories that we have enrolled in the KINDLE UNIMITED (KU) program.ku12-9

Most of my newer titles are enrolled in KU. I like the program, both as a reader and author. I’ve always enjoyed reading for pleasure and I also read for my job as a writer and novelist. I gain inspiration from my fellow authors and love to track my reading via GOODREADS. I like knowing that…

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2 thoughts on “The KU Conundrum…”

  1. I was just looking at my pages read the other day. Granted, they were never huge, but were fairly steady. Over the past months I may have had a stretch of a several days where they bottomed out. Since mid November they have flatlined. I’ve been sitting on the fence about pulling them from KU. It’s been a fairly steady (although minor) income stream. Now it seems to have dried up. I find that hard to believe.

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