2 thoughts on “Poll for Indie Author Book Cover”

  1. Voted for #2, but the comments section was having a hissy fit … so my thoughts herewith be …

    #1 looks a little religious-y with the light behind the open book, and #3 looks like a fantasy novel cover. I love the element of wimsy/fantasy in #2. I think it strikes the right balance for a non-fiction book to stand out from the crowd.

    Do you need the words, ‘starting out’ and ‘beginners’? … they are saying the same thing.

    Took me a minute to figure out why the sub-title looked odd … ‘on how to’ jars a bit … maybe try, ‘to formatting, selling, etc’?

    Does it need the ‘sanity saving’ tag line at all?

    #2 Would the image work if it was centered and from edge to edge rather than that big black strip on the left?

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