Back to the (cover) drawing board

A friend of mine with a background in PR explained to me in detail why the covers I posted a little over a week ago don’t work from an advertising and branding perspective, so I’ve gone back and created a couple more with her advice in mind. For the sake of comparison, I’m also including the winner of my last poll, the more serious cover based on the graphics I used for the blog posts. Here are the covers:

Indie author covers

Do please take the poll or let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Back to the (cover) drawing board”

  1. I asked my son (he’s a brilliant design director for a large company 😁). Here’s what he thinks:
    I think I like B because the image makes me feel like I’m going to figure out how to navigate the world of writing from a tactical/workshop standpoint. The others feel too stock photo to me and less directional as to what I’m going to take away

  2. I figured out why I can’t comment on the poll site … have to have a facebook acc. 😀

    I voted for #1

    #2 looks a bit school-ish and the lines on the chalkboard suggest confusion and directionlessness rather than resolution.

    #3 for the same reasons I didn’t like it the first time around.

    #1 has that touch of whimsey I like, but the subtitle texts are hard to read. I love that they eye is drawn up the stack of books to the light-bulb. Excellent imagery!

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