Ygerna is done! (Almost)

I finally finished the “fill in the blanks” draft of Ygerna, my prequel novel for The Pendragon Chronicles! It took me a lot longer than I expected, since I apparently left more blanks than I had thought. :/ The last draft had about 85,000 words; this one has 117,000. I have created another monster …

Anyway, I was looking at the two versions of the cover I have from my cover artist, and I’m wondering now which one I should go with:

What do you guys think?

I already have several beta readers lined up, but if anyone else is interested, let me know in the comments. I won’t be sending Ygerna out right away. I want to let this draft sit for a couple of days and then do a complete read-through in hard copy. Here’s the book description:

Uthyr destroyed her life. Now she wants revenge.

When young Ygerna first meets Uthyr, Pendragon of Britain, she is dazzled by the handsome and famous warrior. But when Uthyr interprets admiration as consent and takes her by force, Ygerna’s hero worship turns to hatred.
And she will do anything to get revenge on the man who got her with child and ruined her life.

Next: finish the “fill in the blank” drafts of the other two books in The Glassmakers Trilogy. I’m trying to make this year the “Year of Completion” — as opposed to my usual, starting so many new projects I never get any of them done. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ygerna is done! (Almost)”

  1. The covers are so similar that it’s difficult to choose. I prefer the clothing colors below, but the facial expression above. Not much help, I know. I’m so glad the long gestation is nearly over!

  2. The first’s head is larger than the second, and the second’s face lacks the same shadowing as the body. I like the second’s expression, but the head seems small for the torso. It does draw the eye more, so if the focus should be on her face and there’s a fair amount of romance, the second would be a better fit. The first is more of a piece/classic epic.

  3. #1 is cold. She’s been burned and still hurts from it. She wants to appear hard but you can tell it is a struggle. #2 can feel the flame in her own eyes and doesn’t care if everyone else knows she’s angry. You can try to get close to her but don’t get in her way. Which one fits? I can’t wait!

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