Lots of free and 99c SFF eBooks for June!

After a bit of a lull in my promotional activities, I’m participating in several group promos this month, for Looking Through Lace, Chameleon in a Mirror, and Mars: A Traveler’s Guide. Here’s the breakdown for you:

Big 99c Science Fiction and Fantasy Sale: over 70 books to chose from, many of them boxed sets!


I’m in this one with my award-winning novella, Looking Through Lace, about a xenolinguist who finds herself having to decipher more than just the language on a foreign planet.

But if 99c is too much for you, I’m also in a free promo via Instafreebie.


My book in that one is my short story, Mars: A Traveler’s Guide, which was nominated for the Nebula Award. It used to be free on a number of sites, but that wasn’t resulting in sales of the collection it’s in, so I stopped giving it away — except for promos like this where I can entice a few more readers to sign up for my mailing list with it. 🙂

Finally, we have a special promo for readers who are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. You can check out some titles available for free through KU here:


This promo includes my time travel, Chameleon in a Mirror. Some of you might remember that a few months back I pulled all my books from KDP Select because pages read weren’t being counted anymore. But folks on Kboards are reporting that this has improved, so I decided to test the waters again.

Hope you find something you enjoy!


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