Group Promos for August: Free YA Books and 99c SFF

These days, the ROI for paid advertising seems to be getting worse and worse, so I’m trying to put more of my energy into group promos and building my mailing lists. Plural because I’m still experimenting and haven’t settled on a provider yet. OTOH, I may eventually stick with multiple newsletters to keep readers with different interests apart. I had so many unsubscribes from my main mailing list earlier this year when I announced the publication of Starting Out as an Indie Author that I got a slap on the wrist from Mailchimp.

But anyway, on to the current deals. yes? 🙂 The book I like to refer to as my literary time travel, Chameleon in a Mirror, is currently on sale on Amazon through August 27 for only 99c!

Chameleon in a Mirror

I’m afraid it isn’t available anywhere else right now. I’m mostly out of KDP Select, but I want to keep at least one book in at any given time to give Kindle Unlimited readers a chance to discover my books.

Along with Chameleon in a Mirror, you can discover dozens of other science fiction and fantasy ebooks on sale for 99c until August 27 here:

The other group promo I am presently participating in is a back to school Free YA Book Promo. To get these books, all you have to do is sign up for the author’s mailing list. My book for this one is my YA alternate history with magic, Island of Glass.

Island of Glass

In the spirit of experimentation, I have set up a new mailing list for this promo, since I am hoping to publish the second and third books of the Glassmakers trilogy by the end of the year. The readers who sign up for this list will get news specifically tailored to the series. I’ll be interested to see how it works out.

But please remember, if you like to fill your eReader by signing up to mailing lists, when you get the newsletters you have signed up for, don’t mark them as spam. That’s even worse for the writer than too many unsubscribes and can get their mailing list accounts suspended.

Hope you all find something you enjoy!


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