The Voice Germany Senior: My granddaughter’s art teacher

We just had a very exciting evening here in our living room in Bad Cannstatt. Since Mira’s mom wanted to watch “Tatort” (a German crime series) like she does every Sunday, the granddaughter came over to watch “The Voice Senior” with us — a new format for singers over 60. And one of the old folks who had made it into a team was her art teacher, also the guy who plays the guitar for her school band.

The coolest art teacher in Germany

Here’s the link to his performance of “Smoke on the Water” (I can’t seem to embed it):

Of course, the teacher from Mira’s school was the last act of the evening, and she was hopping around all over the place by the time he finally performed. And he made it into the finals. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Voice Germany Senior: My granddaughter’s art teacher”

  1. I just realised I haven’t been seeing any post from you for a while … I assumed you’d gone on a bit of a hiatus, then, because I’ve had a few mysterious ‘unsubscribeds’ on WordPress blogs I thought I better check out yours and see if it happened here as well. Hopefully I am now ‘re-subscribed’. 🙂
    Wordpress seems to go through waves of this sort of thing … probably every time their ‘happiness engineers’ try and update something that isn’t in need of ‘updating’.
    So, I hope you are well, and the coronavirus debacle isn’t affecting you or those you hold dear.

    1. Yes, I have been in a major social media slump. 🙂 I haven’t quite figured out yet what I want to do about it. But I suspect if I ever to get back to it, blogging will be part of it, since I enjoyed that more than any of the other stuff they say we writers are supposed to do.

      We are all still healthy, but I won’t be traveling to Italy anytime soon …

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