New Historical Fantasy: In the Shadow of Helios

Happy new year, everyone! A little late, I realize, but I’ve been busy. This week, I published a new book, In the Shadow of Helios. The really good news? It’s free until Jan. 26!

Mage Kalandra believes she is leading an ideal life — until she learns her husband died trying to run away with another man’s wife. And now she’s plotting revenge on a dead man, with no thought to the consequences for her people or her home …

In a world where Rome never ruled, the Christian religion remained a niche cult, and the Colossus never fell, the islands of the Mediterranean control a trading empire that makes them one of the wealthiest confederations in the world.
On Rodos, one of these islands, Kalandra receives a jasper seal from a simple fisherman, along with news that shatters her world. The revenge she sets in motion not only leads her into the arms of her childhood sweetheart, it puts their whole island nation in peril.
Will she be able to reverse what she has done in time to save Rodos?

At this time, In the Shadow of Helios is only available on Amazon. My sales on other venues have practically disappeared, so until I have time to figure out how to sell on B&N, Kobo and the rest, I’ll be sticking with Amazon for a while.

The paperback is not out yet, but I’m working on it!

If you do download and read the book, I would really appreciate a review! As a new release, it’s still reviewless, making it much harder to market.

Wishing everyone a much better year than the last couple have been!

4 thoughts on “New Historical Fantasy: In the Shadow of Helios”

  1. Well, humph! … I can’t post it on Amazon, of the .com variety, because I apparently don’t meet their eligibility criteria … so I posted it on our .ca account which unfortunately is in Wrs Widds name, so it may or may not get approved there, but we shall see … in the meantime …
    this is what I wrote …

    Alternate histories are fun.
    For the uninitiated, an Alternate History is where an author takes a real-time event or period in history, and with a few tweaks of authorial licence, sends the future from that point haring off into all sorts of interesting directions.
    In The Shadow Of Helios, the author, Ruth Nestvold has taken liberties with the Mediterranean, specifically, Greece, around the time when the Roman Empire was at its height, only the Roman Empire doesn’t exist in this story. Magic, however, does.
    It’s a tale of revenge, setting consequences in motion that the revenger, one Mage Kalandra, must answer to with her life.
    Ruth Nestvold’s prose is spare, and at first glance, perhaps even plain, and it’s not until the reader is pulled into the complexity of the characters she creates, that that spareness is revealed for what it is, a rich tapestry depicting a life, a world, a conflict, set in a fabulous world of, ‘what if’.

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