“Dragons and Princes and Witches, Oh My!”

That’s the name of the first collection of short stories I’ve put up on Smashwords.

Still battling with the formatting a lot. The Smashwords style guide suggests using 3-4 hard returns rather than page breaks, but I don’t care for the way that makes stories run together. So I’m uploading a new version of the collection in which I added page breaks to the header info. We’ll see if that’s any better. I’m also having problems with em-dashes getting swallowed.

Once I have a better handle on the formatting, I’ll upload some of these initial experiments for the Kindle too.


“Dragon Time” as best-“seller”

Giving away “Dragon Time” for free with a coupon during the Smashwords “Read an Ebook Week” has been quite successful — just not monetarily. It is now listed on page three of the current bestellers. (!)

Now if I can only get my collection up in time to profit from this …

Entering the Ebook Era

I have finally gotten around to uploading my first ebook to Smashwords, my Tiptree and Sturgeon-nominated novella, “Looking Through Lace.” To celebrate the event, I have also generated a coupon, good for the next month, for 50% off. If you would like to download the story, use Coupon Code: YP88U at checkout!

I still have a bit to learn: while the pdf and mobi versions look good, the html preview has lost the formatting for the front matter. Eventually I’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure.

A potpourri of links

Some nice stuff end of the old year, beginning of the new:

My story “Mars: A Traveler’s Guide” was chosen as one of the ten best of StarShipSofa by David Steffen.

The German translation of my novel Yseult, Flamme und Harfe, got a very positive review on BlueNaversum.

A few days after the review, the same blog also posted an interview with me.

A very happy new year to all!

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