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Happy New Year! And Happy new #WIPpet Wednesday!

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. We had the granddaughters again, like we have the last couple of years, and at midnight, we went outside to enjoy the fireworks on our street corner and shoot a couple of our own:

Fireworks are such a wonderful way to bring in the New Year, a celebration of what is to come.

During the quiet days between Christmas and New Year, I’ve been concentrating on catching up on the Big Translation Project. So I fear I haven’t managed to get back to the latest installment in The Pendragon Chronicles, and you will have to make do with Amber again. This time, I’m giving you 14 sentences for the new year:

When she reached the outskirts of Atlanta, she pulled into the empty parking lot of a big strip mall, parked her car in the back lot, and crawled into the back seat of her Honda. The sun was just barely beginning to flirt with the horizon, and Darcy wasn’t an early riser. Besides, when and if anyone looking for her came across the name of her high school friend, she didn’t want Darcy’s phone records to show a call early in the morning, the day after Amber’s husband was murdered.
She laid down, still wearing the curly blond wig. To her surprise, she slept deep and dreamless, only waking up when the sun began beating hot through the windows of her car.
Amber sat up, groggy and disoriented, not really knowing at first where she was. Then it hit her. Rick had been murdered last night, and she was on the run.
She bent forward, her arms around her stomach, and sobbed out the grief she hadn’t been able to express until now.
Feeling sick and shaky, she laid back down on the rear seat and spent a few minutes breathing in and out, in and out. Somehow, she had to get functional again so she could call Darcy and speak normally. The NSA listened to everything these days, she couldn’t have them digging up their records for the North Carolina police and finding a tearful phone call from a murder suspect — which Amber assumed she would soon be, if she wasn’t already.
She glanced at her watch. Almost nine am. Darcy wasn’t an early riser, but even she would probably already be at work by now.

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