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Tomatoes, jalapenos, and writing: progress on diverse fronts

Despite the title of this post, I have made a lot of progress on my writing goals in the last week — but the amounts of tomatoes, zucchinis and various spicy peppers ripening in our garden at the moment (not just jalapenos *g*) have made it necessary for me to take some longer breaks from writing in order to ensure that the harvest does not go to waste.

Some of the things I’ve done besides writing in the last week:

– 8 jars / bottles of BBQ sauce (made with fresh tomatoes and garden chillies)

– 5 jars sweet pickle relish with zucchini (turned out much better than my last attempt!)

– 7 jars jalapeno jelly (but they don’t seem to be jelling right and may need to be redone)

– frozen stewed tomatoes

– frozen tomato consomme

The last is something I highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from a glut of tomatoes. It’s a lot of work, but when you make a soup in winter from the almost clear essence of concentrated tomato, it’s like liquid summer. The taste is amazing. If anyone is interested, I will try to provide instructions in a future post.

That’s pretty much it on the harvesting front. On the writing front:

– I got Beyond the Waters of the World back from the editor today, but I haven’t had any time to go through the edits. In any case, I definitely seem to be on track for a publication date of August 31.

– Still working on the cover design for the first Alaska story, “In the Middle of Nowhere With Company” — and still not willing to share. 🙂 Soon!

– Got another 5,000 words done on the new version of Chameleon in a Mirror. That might sound like a lot, but I got past the section where I needed completely new material and have found myself typing in very similar scenes to what I had in the previous version. Makes me wonder sometimes how much use this system of mine is of rewriting from scratch. 🙂 OTOH, there are a number of times when the retyping inspires me to take things in a new direction, or add new details, or something else that seems to make the strategy worthwhile.

And now a storm is coming in and I have to go close windows …

Beyond the Waters of the World off to beta readers, new cover

The next installment of Looking Through Lace, Beyond the Waters of the World, is now off to beta readers. Yeah! Yesterday, my daughter also helped me with a cover:


At the same time, we also made a new version of the Looking Though Lace cover so that the fonts match. Although the images are very different, I’m hoping the style is similar enough that people will identify them as part of a series. I uploaded the new cover to Amazon today, but it usually takes a day before changes like that go live. I am now shooting for a publication date of August 31 for Beyond the Waters of the World. Please let me know if you have any suggestions / thoughts on the cover!

I got back to Chameleon in a Mirror today, but I haven’t made too much progress yet. I read through the last chapter to get my mind out of the future and into the seventeenth century, but that’s about it.

Oh, and the other day I made four big jars of dill pickles. That’s one thing I can’t get here in Germany, so I have to make my own. And since we have the garden, I’ve discovered that zucchinis make great dill spears! Just throw away the soft center, cut the rest into spears, and pickle just like you would cucumbers. Next on the canning list: sweet pickle relish (also with zucchini).

Hope everyone has a great week!

The business of being your own publisher

I got very little writing work done this week, other than some rewriting of the next Looking Through Lace novella, Beyond the Waters of the World. I originally wrote the novella back when Looking Through Lace was published by Asimov’s, but it took me too long to finish, and by that time, Asimov’s was no longer interested in a further episode. Yet another of the many mistakes I’ve made during my writing career!

But now, after a number of reviewers have said they would like to read more about Toni and Kislan and interstellar cultural conflict, I pulled the old novella out from the depths of my hard drive and am in the process of blowing off the virtual dust and whipping the old puppy into shape. In preparation, I read through Looking Through Lace again and added an excerpt from the upcoming novella to the ebook.

While I was in ebook creation mode, I also rearranged the short stories in The Future, Imperfect, and fixed a couple of typos one of my readers found in Dragon Time. Then yesterday I uploaded new versions of three of my ebooks.

I’m about a fourth of the way through revisions and writing new new material for Beyond the Waters of the World now. (By the way, if anyone is interested in being a beta reader, let me know in the comments.) I also did an interview for Marshall Payne, which he will be putting up on his blog on Tuesday. But all of these things take time, and they take away from writing time.

On the positive side, I got some great placement on the Kindle Science Fiction and Fantasy page this week:

Featured in Fantasy

I never would have noticed it myself, since the default display is completely different if your location is given as Europe. Laurel Amberdine of Codex pointed it out to me, and with a couple of changed settings, I was finally able to see it on my own screen. Woot!

Wishing all a great week. 🙂

Writing progress and upcoming freebies

Just a short update today. This past week, I’ve been caught up in the business end of going indie, and the writing progress, while perhaps looking good in numbers, is less than I would have wanted. I am now at 51,000 words for Chameleon in a Mirror, but the 11,000 words added in the last week were edited rather than typed in from scratch, as I have been doing until now with this new version of the novel. But after rereading this section in the old version, it seemed to me that it needed less work than earlier chapters, so I decided to largely go with what I already had.

Business progress: after creating the new cover for The Future, Imperfect, (partly alone and partly with my daughter) I decided to schedule a freebie to test it and see if it gets better downloads now than with the old cover. So if you don’t have it yet, make a note that my collection of dystopian stories will be free July 10-11. If you download it and enjoy the stories, please consider leaving a review! I think it’s safe to say that reviews are more important for indie publications than for traditional publications. Reviews are the new gatekeepers. I got a great review of the collection on a blog, but it’s still reviewless on Amazon. Besides the lit-fic looking cover, I think that’s the other main reason the sales are so far behind my other ebooks.

In order to keep the link in the alsobots with the other science fiction title I have available as ebook, I will also be giving away Looking Through Lace on July 10. Please pass the word along!

Speaking of Looking Through Lace, I have contacted a cover artist for the second novella in the series, Beyond the Waters of the World. Next week, I will probably be putting Chameleon in a Mirror on hold for a while to whip Waters into shape. Once I’ve determined how much time I’ll still need, I will announce a publication date.

I wish everyone a great week!