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A new book trailer, and a request for help in making books free

As I mentioned in my last post, I got my Aphra Behn time travel, Chameleon in a Mirror, off to my critique partner on Monday, so that’s a big chunk out of my to-do list. Now that CIAM’s off, I’ve returned to Island of Glass, and am trying to address a number of critique points in the rewrite.

On the marketing front, I’ve taken advantage of my Animoto subscription to make another book trailer, this time for my short story series, Tales From Far Beyond North:

Let me know what you think!

And, yes, several people have already told me I need to find different music. In my own defense, I was looking for something reminiscent of the old cult series Northern Exposure, which was my inspiration for these stories. For those who don’t know it, here’s a still with the intro music:

Anyway, fiddling with my Alaska stories reminded me that I have long wanted to enlist help in making The Leaving Sweater free on Amazon. It’s available on Strange Horizons (for free, of course), and I never meant to make money off the ebook version, but Amazon still hasn’t price-matched iTunes or Kobo. From what I’ve learned on the Kindle Boards and elsewhere, Amazon doesn’t care much about Kobo, but they will (maybe) respond to lower prices on the Apple bookstore.

So if anyone who reads this would be so kind, could you please go to The Leaving Sweater on Amazon, and click on the link “Tell us about a lower price” in the Product Details. A box will open, asking where you saw the lower price. Click on “Website” and enter the following URL from the iTunes store, with 0.00 for the price and shipping cost:


I’ve also been trying to make Never Ever After free on Amazon, so for anyone who would be inclined to do me an additional favor, here are the appropriate links:

Never Ever After on Amazon

Never Ever After on iTunes

Thanks in advance for your help! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. 🙂

Brief update: new version of book trailer and a few more chapters revised

I was in bed pretty much all day Monday with a fever, and not in the greatest shape Sunday or Tuesday either, so I got a lot less done than I wanted to. But I did get a new version of the book trailer for The Pendragon Chronicles made. Only minor changes, mostly having to do with the ending, since the main complaint was that the web page wasn’t visible long enough. Here’s the new version:

I’ve declared it final (for the time being *g*) since I needed to send the link for a promotion I’m doing for Shadow of Stone the beginning of May.

On the writing front, I’m only up to chapter 17 of Chameleon in a Mirror — on what was supposed to be a fast read-through before I send it to my critique partner. Oh well. Not the first time I’ve misjudged how long something will take. 🙂

Wonderful words to everyone, be they read or written or both!

I Has Book Trailer! *g* (For The Pendragon Chronicles)

I got the first big thing off my horribly long to-do list today: I MADE A BOOK TRAILER!

Sorry about the yelling, but I’m ridiculously proud of myself, even though it was super easy. Anyway, here’s my major accomplishment for the week, my trailer for The Pendragon Chronicles series:

What inspired me to finally get this done was that I’m going to be having a Kindle Spotlight for Shadow of Stone in a couple of weeks, and one of the things they ask for is a link to your book trailer, if you have one.

Then – serendipity – a discussion popped up on the Kindle Boards on resouces for doing book trailers, and someone mentioned Animoto, which I had never heard of before. I’d messed with the free slide show thingie that comes with Windows, had saved all kinds of discussions about freeware that could be used for book trailers, but it all made me feel kinda overwhelmed. Where to get video clips, so it isn’t all horribly static? Would it really be worth it to buy them from iStock or elsewhere? How to decide what kinds of effects to use?

But Animoto, I learned, has styles and clips and stock photos that you can use to create your video — and it’s easy as pie. (Which isn’t all that easy, but that’s another matter.)

So yesterday I signed up for the free version of Animoto. Free membership only allows you to create a 30 second video which can’t be downloaded. Played with it for an hour and showed the result to the hubbie, and he agreed that it looked surprisingly good. Today I paid the five bucks for a one month subscription and made the video above.

A lot of the images are stock I downloaded last fall when I had a one month subscription to Shutterstock (quite an investment, but worth it). The video clip is from Animoto. I would have loved some stampeding medieval warriors, but unfortunately, they didn’t have that.

I didn’t spend ALL my free time on this — I’m also four chapters into the read through of Chameleon in a Mirror — but it’s surprising how much time such a project can eat up, even when it is super simple. 🙂

Let me know what you think. I can easily change the video and upload it again, oh joy. *g*