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An update and a suspicious gift for #WIPpet Wednesday

It’s my granddaughter’s fifth birthday today. Which, of course, is really cool. But OMG was she in high energy mode today. Worse than Christmas (a comment I’m pretty sure most parents will understand.)

Mira birthday

OTOH, after I picked her up from day care and was bringing her home, we met a neighbor we don’t have much contact with, and she asked if Mira was my daughter. Kinda nice at my age to be mistaken for the mother of a five-year-old. 🙂

Anyway, with birthday and spaghetti and a sick older sister we had to pick up from school, it was a bit of a challenge to get my 1,000 words done today towards completing Facets of Glass by the end of the month. But I did it! My word count for the week is 3200 so far (Mon. – Wed.), putting me past my goals. A Cthulhu seems to be a good incentive. *g*

Most other writing goals are languishing by the wayside while I try to power through to finish this novella by the end of the month in order to get my own personal cuddly monster (and finish the damn thing …) But it’s amazing sometimes how much external goals can help. 🙂

With that update, on to WIPpet Wednesday. Once again, I haven’t skipped anything between the last excerpt to this. Only now we have moved from Gaetano’s pov to Minerva’s. Math for today is 21 – 1, to give you 20 sentences from the next scene of Facets of Glass:

Minerva gazed at the handsome footman with the small gift box in his hands. Who could have sent him? Not that it mattered — the man was quite pleasant to look at, and Minerva found herself wanting to keep him around longer than it would normally take to hand over a package.
“Is the gift from some secret admirer?” she asked with a laugh.
“I am not to say, Signorina.”
“No, I presume not, as then it would no longer be a secret.” She motioned a servant to her side. “Would you care for some refreshments?”
Surprise at her suggestion seemed to leave him temporarily speechless. “Refreshments?” he finally repeated.
“Yes, you know, something to eat or drink. Guilia, please bring us wine and biscotti.”
The maid curtseyed and left the room.
The footman with the broad shoulders and blond hair so dark it was almost bronze gazed after Guilia, obviously confused. “I am not a guest, Signorina, I am a servant,” he protested.
She waved his objections away, although she was beginning to feel bad about teasing him so. Still, she wanted to find out more about the mysterious gift, and flirting with the (very attractive) messenger seemed the best place to start.
“We are not so formal here on Murano as they are in Venice proper,” Minerva said. “You do come from Venice, do you not?”
The footman remained silent.

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.