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An Initial Attempt at Rebranding: A New Cover for Yseult

As much as I like the cover I already have for Yseult, the conversion rate for my ads is going from quite respectable to abysmal. Not completely understandable, since I haven’t changed the book description or cover for a long time, but given how many clicks I’ve been getting recently without sales, I decided it was time to experiment again. So without further ado, here is the first cover experiment for Yseult:


The idea for this cover is that it maybe / hopefully fits the epic fantasy conventions better, which often have one decisive image rather than an illustration, like the original cover had. The other consideration is that the first cover might be too romantic in tone to draw the right readers. While Yseult is based on a tragic love story, there is a lot of political intrigue and loads of battles. A bad-ass sword just might be the better image for that than a gal and a moon, even if there is a sword on that cover too. But most people don’t notice it until I point it out to them.

Anyway, wish me luck. This may not be the first, since I’m determined to work on this until I get a better conversion rate for my ads. 🙂

Epic Fantasy Ebook Sale Party!

Just yesterday, I found out about a group promo for epic fantasy, being organized by Vera Nazarian on the Kindle Boards. It started today, but Vera was still accepting participants, so I decided to jump right in. If Yseult and Shadow of Stone aren’t epic fantasy, both coming in at close to 200,000 words, I don’t know what is! I have a freebie scheduled this week for Shadow of Stone, so that wouldn’t qualify — the promo is for sale books between 99c and 2.99. So I reduced the price of Yseult to 2.99 for the rest of this week. Nice to get involved in a promo again where I don’t have to do the lion’s share of the work. 🙂

Anyway, here are some of the books on sale during the Epic Fantasy Party:

Vera Nazarian, Lords of Rainbow, on sale for 1.99

Elizabeth Baxter, Everwinter (The Wrath of the Northmen), on sale for 99c

Nicholas Andrews, The Adventure Tournament (The Adventurers), on sale for 2.99