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Results of recent promos, and more with Minerva for #WIPpet Wednesday

I’m exhausted. I’ve been running around with granddaughters all day today, and I am definitely noticing in my bones that I’m not as young as I used to be. They have Fasching vacation right now (the German Mardi Gras), and we have them overnight. I took them to the first really huge mall here, which opened in November, making good on a Christmas present I gave them. My feet hurt.

I wasn’t really feeling like posting as a result, but I didn’t post last week either — also because of various stuff taking up my time — but I don’t want to get that much out of the habit. Besides, I have some pretty good results from recent promos to report. Not to forget the words, and WIPpet Wednesday. 🙂

My word count dropped down again last week, but it makes a lot of sense to me. Much of what I was doing was brainstorming the next book in the Glassmakers trilogy. In my experience, the real word counts come when the book is pretty much worked out in my mind, and all I have to do is fill in the details. That is not the case with Shards of Glass. I have the general idea, but the specific plot points are vague. As a result, I only got 4300 words done last week, compared to 6200 the week before, and 8000 the week before that.

Another thing that has put a crimp in the word counts has been some renewed tests of marketing strategies — which also require thought and time. At least I can announce that this weeks’ promos have been going amazingly well.

1) Yesterday, Bknights (Fiverr) promoted the free first book of Yseult, Two Women, from my new, episodic version of my monster novel. Since then, Yseult I has gotten over 300 downloads, when it usually gets 10 – 15 a day. There have been 4 new sales of parts 2 & 3, only one day later, which nearly earn out the whopping $5.50 I paid for the Fiverr ad to give the series a boost.

The ranking for Yseult, Two Women is now as follows:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #911 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Arthurian
#4 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Historical

2) I did a 3 day free run of Looking Through Lace this week, ending today, using only the free sites listed on my updated blog post on where to promote a free run. LTL has had over 700 downloads on Amazon.com alone as a result, and Book 2, Beyond the Waters of the World, has also had a couple more sales than usual. Here the present ranking of LTL:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #490 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > First Contact
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Exploration

Of course, all this proves for certain right now is that I know how to give a lot of books away without spending too much money. *g* But those rankings provide visibility, and visibility is one of the main things that sell books. And one day after the ad, I have nearly nearly out the cost through sales of subsequent books in the “series.” *g*

With that update, on to WIPpet Wednesday! The end of January, I finished the rough draft of Facets of Glass, Book 2 of the Glassmakers trilogy. But right now, I have FoG and Shards of Glass (Book 3) in one Scrivener file, so that I can skip back and forth when I notice that an idea I come up with for SoG requires some tweaking in FoG. So I will probably continue to post from Facets of Glass until I actually publish it. 🙂

This snippet comes directly after the one I gave you two weeks ago. 7 paragraphs, 8 – 1 from the day of the month:

He tossed the wine she’d given him back as if it were water and put the glass on the tray Guilia held. Minerva nodded, and the serving girl turned and left with the empty glass.
“Thank you for the refreshment, Signorina,” the footman said. “Would you care to take your gift now so that I may return to my employer?”
She grimaced. “You are right to admonish me. I should not tease so. Everyone tells me that, yet I cannot seem to resist.” She accepted the gift box and opened the lid.
When she saw the glass apple nestled in the wood shavings, she almost dropped the box. One hand went to the heart pendant she wore on a chain around her neck — the work of her step-sister, Chiara. Was this glass apple also from Chiara’s hand? If so, what did it mean? Chiara would never send anything to Minerva directly, it would be too much of a risk.
Carefully, Minerva lifted the apple out and laid the box aside. The leaves, the stem, the fading of the glass from red to green, all showed great artistry and attention to detail. She had seen many examples of Chiara’s work since they became step-sisters, and she liked to imagine she would recognize it anywhere.
Then she turned the apple over and saw the wormhole — and she was sure. This was from Chiara’s hand.
She clutched the apple to her chest and looked up at the man who had brought the gift, suddenly realizing where she had seen him before. “You! What are you doing dressed like a footman and bringing this to me? You are one of the personal guards of Dowager Princess Zilia!”

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A little flirtation for #WIPpet Wednesday

The writing has been going quite well for the past few weeks. I’ve been consistently getting over 1000 words a day written, with a few exceptions here and there, like when I was putting stuff together for our taxes. It’s something of a breakthrough for me, since for years I’ve regarded it as a particularly good writing day if I get 700-800 words completed.

It started when I decided to power through and get the rough draft of Facets of Glass finished by the end of the month — which I did, hurray! (That is also the reason I didn’t participate last Wednesday, because I couldn’t afford to spend the time necessary for blogging.) But the tempo was becoming so natural, I decided to keep up with it. Today I already did my 1000 words, so I can afford to blog. 🙂

With that short update, let’s continue on to WIPpet Wednesday, shall we? Today I offer you 4 paragraphs for the 4th day of the month. This snippet comes immediately after the last one I gave you two weeks ago. Gaetano is delivering the gift from the Dowager Princess to Minerva, who is quite intrigued by him:

Minerva examined him more closely. He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t recall where she might have seen him before. But when it came right down to it, from his posture and his build, he looked more like a soldier than a footman.
She looked at the small box he held, making no move to take it, enjoying the little guessing game too much. “Is it from the Marquess of Sagredo?” she asked teasingly, gazing at him from under her lashes. Despite the look, which she knew from long practice was very effective at persuading men to fulfill her every whim, the footman revealed nothing.
“He was very attentive at the ball last week,” Minerva continued, as Guilia arrived with refreshments. She took a glass of wine off the tray and gave it to him, then took the other for herself, enjoying the renewed hint of surprise on his handsome features.
“Or perhaps it was Baron Moneta?” she mused, still gazing at the oh-so-serious footman. She would love to get a real reaction out of him, but she was slowly coming to the conclusion that it was not to be. At the same time, the feeling of familiarity irked her. If only she could remember where she’d seen him before!

Snow White
A cool Snow White stamp from Grenada. I’m using many motifs from Snow White in Facets of Glass

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

The first draft of Facets of Glass finished!

I put in a pretty intense writing week in order to earn my little monster, as I explained in this post.

So in order to complete the challenge by the end of the month, I wrote 8000 words this week. The week before, my word count was 5700. And all of that constantly looking up details about glassmaking, travel times in the 17th – 18th century, Bohemian glassworks, regions in Venice, etc. etc.

I know from experience that writing projects that don’t require a lot of research can result in way more words in the same amount of time spent writing, but Facets of Glass isn’t one of those. Though I will admit that I ran by the seat of my pants in more than one scene, making notes to myself about things I will have to research later on the rewrite. 🙂

But now at least I have a complete first draft of Facets of Glass, the second book in the Age of Magic series after Island of Glass, even if it’s pretty rough on some of its edges. I also have a cover:

Facets of Glass

I’ve also been doing 20 minutes of yoga almost every day since the beginning of the new year, even though it wasn’t on my list of goals. 🙂 But it’s making my old joints feel a lot better — and I’ve dropped a kilo without really trying. So I think I’m a convert. *g*

An update and a suspicious gift for #WIPpet Wednesday

It’s my granddaughter’s fifth birthday today. Which, of course, is really cool. But OMG was she in high energy mode today. Worse than Christmas (a comment I’m pretty sure most parents will understand.)

Mira birthday

OTOH, after I picked her up from day care and was bringing her home, we met a neighbor we don’t have much contact with, and she asked if Mira was my daughter. Kinda nice at my age to be mistaken for the mother of a five-year-old. 🙂

Anyway, with birthday and spaghetti and a sick older sister we had to pick up from school, it was a bit of a challenge to get my 1,000 words done today towards completing Facets of Glass by the end of the month. But I did it! My word count for the week is 3200 so far (Mon. – Wed.), putting me past my goals. A Cthulhu seems to be a good incentive. *g*

Most other writing goals are languishing by the wayside while I try to power through to finish this novella by the end of the month in order to get my own personal cuddly monster (and finish the damn thing …) But it’s amazing sometimes how much external goals can help. 🙂

With that update, on to WIPpet Wednesday. Once again, I haven’t skipped anything between the last excerpt to this. Only now we have moved from Gaetano’s pov to Minerva’s. Math for today is 21 – 1, to give you 20 sentences from the next scene of Facets of Glass:

Minerva gazed at the handsome footman with the small gift box in his hands. Who could have sent him? Not that it mattered — the man was quite pleasant to look at, and Minerva found herself wanting to keep him around longer than it would normally take to hand over a package.
“Is the gift from some secret admirer?” she asked with a laugh.
“I am not to say, Signorina.”
“No, I presume not, as then it would no longer be a secret.” She motioned a servant to her side. “Would you care for some refreshments?”
Surprise at her suggestion seemed to leave him temporarily speechless. “Refreshments?” he finally repeated.
“Yes, you know, something to eat or drink. Guilia, please bring us wine and biscotti.”
The maid curtseyed and left the room.
The footman with the broad shoulders and blond hair so dark it was almost bronze gazed after Guilia, obviously confused. “I am not a guest, Signorina, I am a servant,” he protested.
She waved his objections away, although she was beginning to feel bad about teasing him so. Still, she wanted to find out more about the mysterious gift, and flirting with the (very attractive) messenger seemed the best place to start.
“We are not so formal here on Murano as they are in Venice proper,” Minerva said. “You do come from Venice, do you not?”
The footman remained silent.

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“More precious than gold” : an update and an excerpt

We may already be two weeks into the New Year, but this “Invocation for Beginnings” just showed up on a list I’m on, and I had to share it:

Since I’ve gotten over the head cold, the year has been pretty productive for me. Here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum! Some of the things I’ve gotten done since my last update:

Yseult, Part IV – made the cover, formatted the text, and published the final installment of Yseult, Part IV

– published a new installment of my “Starting out as an indie author” series, “Why “write the next book” isn’t enough; Or: What to do if your books aren’t selling” — a long one, coming in at 2,000 words to add to my future how-to book. 🙂

– edited Recontact, the novella I wrote with Jay Lake, and submitted it to a traditional market

– organized upcoming promotions for 2 of my books

– wrote another 1800 words of fiction

That puts me a bit behind on my weekly word count goals, but given the fact that I got some important stuff off my to-do list, I can deal with being 200 words behind. 🙂

On to WIPpet Wednesday! I have come to the conclusion that I no longer care about spoilers. I figure, most of the people who read my snippets will probably have forgotten them when and if they read the books anyway. So I am just going to continue to move forward with Facets of Glass and not worry about giving away anything from the first book. So if you haven’t read Island of Glass, want to, and don’t want to know too many details from the second book, I suggest skipping my WIPpets as long as I’m still posting from book 2. *g* Math today: I’m giving you 15 sentence for the new year, plus 1 to finish the scene:

Gaetano often wondered why people still used the phrase “more precious than gold” when alchemists could now produce gold at will — as long as they had lead, that is, or whatever other base metals they needed. He wasn’t an expert, not having any alchemists in the family, nor any access to them, since the royal families of Venice controlled all magic in the empire.
He turned the apple in his hands, slowly beginning to appreciate the artistry of it. It was mostly red, but on one side, the color faded to green in much the same way as a real apple. And when he discovered the elaborately designed wormhole, he laughed out loud.
“Be careful with it!” the dowager princess admonished, her voice suddenly sharp.
At her words, he instinctively lowered the apple, looking to her for instruction.
“Here is the box,” she said shortly, her expression no longer warm. And to his surprise, he discovered wrinkles in her aristocratically beautiful face that he hadn’t noticed before.
Only he was standing above her now.
She seemed to notice the discrepancy at the same time he did and rose, taking the glass apple from his hands and placing it in the gift box. After closing it, she handed it back to him. “I want you to give this into the hands of Minerva of Murano and no one else. And do not wear your red and gold House Foscari uniform. My majordomo will find you something neutral.”
He nodded. “As you will, Your Grace.”
“Thank you, Gaetano,” she said, smiling again. But this time, he noticed that it did not seem to reach her eyes, and he found himself wondering why he’d felt so attracted to her when he first entered her audience chamber.

Please feel free to let me know if you stumble anywhere in the passage or there is anything else you think might improve by being changed!

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

Beware of gifts from the dowager princess …

Slowly getting back into the blogosphere, me. With family matters no longer as pressing, and the head cold winding down, I can get more done that needs to get done. Yesterday I didn’t make any progress on the big stuff on the to-do list, but I did manage to get 1200 words written. That’s a good writing day for me!

After that mini-update, on to WIPpet Wednesday! As a result of craziness of the Christmas holidays, and then that stupid cold, I haven’t played for several weeks. In honor of 2015, I’m giving you 15 sentences today. I’m still posting from Facets of Glass, although I don’t know how long I will still be able to do so without spoiling too much. Anyway, this excerpt follows right after the last one I gave you before Christmas between the Dowager Princess and her guard, Gaetano:

“Gaetano, there is something I would like you to do for me,” she said from her chair on the dais several steps above him.
“Certainly, Your Grace.”
“Please, come forward.”
He already stood at the bottom of the dais, so tentatively, he took the first step. Now he was nearly eye to eye with the princess.
She laughed and motioned him forward. “Come, Gaetano, I will not bite!”
Slowly he took the rest of the stairs up to the elaborately upholstered chair on which she sat, so that he towered above her, rather than she towering above him, as it should be.
She took something small, round and red from a table at her side and held it out to him. “I want you to take this small gift to the sister-in-law of Prince Vittore, Minerva of Murano, as a token of our appreciation.”
Gaetano had seen the sister of the new princess many times since Prince Vittore’s marriage. She was a flighty and vivacious thing, a young woman who laughed often and didn’t have a care in the world.
He examined the object he held. “An apple?” he couldn’t help but blurting out.
“A glass apple,” Princess Zilia corrected him. “From the hand of a master glassmaker, and thus more precious than gold.”

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

By the way, my short story collection If Tears Were Wishes will be free from tomorrow, Jan. 8 to Jan. 12. If you don’t have it yet, grab yourself a copy!

The guard and the princess for #WIPpet Wednesday

Hi, everyone, I’m back! I still haven’t really gotten back into the swing of things as far as writing is concerned, with only a measly 800 words written so far this week. But on the family front, things are looking a lot better, and my head is free for creativity again. In the next few days and weeks, I will be working on reestablishing my old writing habits, and hopefully the word counts will pick up again. I still have some present wrapping to do, but I got most of that done while I was still having more difficulty writing.

I realize that I have not yet done a write-up of the Villa Diodati workshop in France last month. I hope to get around to it in the next few days.

As a result of the family complications, I am woefully behind on all of my goals. Some of the things I did get done:

– Completed Life in the Fjord Lane and published to Createspace (I’m not sure if I want to bother publishing that one to Kindle, since it’s mostly a photography book)

– Published my first erotica story under a pen name

– Created the Epub version of Ein Krieger der Wikinger, the German translation of Judson Roberts’ Viking Warrior

– Set up a Countdown Deal for Shadow of Stone, including experiments in advertizing a 99c ebook

Gosh, looking at that list makes me feel that I got more done than I’d thought! Just not much in the new words department. But marketing and formatting and publishing has to get done too.

With the update out of the way, on to WIPpet Wednesday. This week I’m returning to Facets of Glass, and an excerpt directly following the last one you may or may not have seen here. As a result of critiques at the last Villa Diodati workshop, Gaetan’s name has been changed to Gaetano, since Gaetan didn’t sound Italian enough for my fellow writers. My math for 12/17 is to take 12 away from 17, giving me 5 paragraphs for today’s excerpt:

Gaetano bowed low, honored to be called into the presence of the dowager princess for a personal task.
When he straightened again, she gave him a warm smile. It always amazed him how beautiful she still was, although she was the mother of the most powerful prince in Venice. And today she was particularly stunning. The gleaming gold of her hair, usually covered, was pulled up on top of her head in a crown higher than the modest circlet she wore. In the back, curls tumbled artlessly around her long neck. Gaetano couldn’t help imaging how long her golden locks must be to achieve such an effect. Did they reach to her waist? Her hips?
He shook himself mentally. He shouldn’t be thinking about her this way — not only was she the female head of House Foscari (since no one took the new Princess Anastasia seriously) — she was old enough to be his mother. Not that anyone knew how old the dowager princess really was, but Prince Vittore was her son, and he was older than Gaetano.
Ergo … It was wrong on any number of levels to feel lust for Her Grace the Dowager Princess Zilia of the Foscari Dynatistic Princes of the Venetian Empire, Princess of Trentino, and Dowager Duchess of Ferrara.
There, much better. Reciting even a mere handful of her many formal titles in his mind made him feel much more like himself.

I doubt if I’ll have any time to post next week, since it’s Christmas Eve, and I will have a house full of people that I’ll be cooking for. So wishing you all a Merry Christmas ahead of time! As a little Christmas present from me, my short story collection Dragon Time is free through Saturday. 🙂

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

Many words, a story sale, and then off to France!

The word production has been going quite well since I decided to do Nano again. Last week, I got 13,000 words written, and so far this week it’s another 5400. Doing word sprints has been helping a LOT (thank you, sprint pals!) No writing so far today, though — I’ve been packing and setting up my little netbook for the trip. Tomorrow I fly to Paris for the next Villa Diodati workshop. We won’t actually be in Paris, though. This is where we’ll be:

Three days and four night of writing talk and good food and critiquing great fiction (which I finally have to make a bit more progress on! I’ve been concentrating too much on word production lately.)

I also have some good news: I sold another short story the traditional way, with payment on publication, to the online zine Abyss and Apex. It’s another one of my Alaska stories in the Tales From Far Beyond North series, “Degrees of Separation.”

Finally, I’m going to be giving away another book next week, Almost all the Way Home From the Stars, a collection of stories I wrote with the late great Jay Lake. So far this year it’s sold a handful of copies, so I pulled it from other venues and put it in KDP Select so that I would be able to at least push it with free runs. Although I published it over a year ago, it still doesn’t have any reviews. Of course, the people who pick up a book during free runs may not be my target audience (I’ve gotten a lot of negative reviews for short story collections that way), but with at most 1 sale a month, even some reviews complaining about the short stories being short would be an improvement. So mark your calendars for Nov. 17 – 21, and grab yourself a copy sometime next week!

Now we come to WIPpet Wednesday! Math is fast and dirty today: 12 sentences for the 12th of the month from Facets of Glass — plus 2 to end the scene. 🙂 The Evil Dowager Princess is planning some nasty stuff involving a glass apple:

The dowager princess lifted the apple of glass up from the table next to the raised chair where she sat and handed it down to the witch. “I was wondering if there were some enchantment you could give to this apple to create the illusion of illness in someone.”
Vanna turned the apple over in her hands. “Create the illusion of illness?” she repeated.
Zilia shrugged. “I am not the wielder of magic, so I do not know what is possible.”
She noticed the precise moment when the witch found the clever wormhole in the glass apple. Her hands stilled, and she gazed at the spot, her forehead creasing in lines of thought. The dowager princess was struck once again by how few wrinkles lined Vanna’s face, given her silver-white hair. It made it very difficult to guess her age.
Vanna looked up form her contemplation of the apple, and her eyes met those of the dowager princess. “I believe I could insert a spell in this apple through the wormhole that might, under the right circumstances, seduce a soul to leave its body and be one with the enchanted apple.”
Zilia found herself — totally against her inclination and training — wanting to clap her hands in glee at the witch’s suggestion.
If it worked, it would be perfect.

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

An update, a new Nano project, and a change of mind

The writing continues to be slow but steady. Last week I got 4600 new words written, despite lots of other stuff going on. We finally pulled the tomato plants in the garden — all but two, that is. Let’s see if we can still get fresh tomatoes in December. *g*

I also decided to participate in Nano again, even though none of my projects is long enough. I’m going to cheat and conflate them, my goal being to get the 50,000 words and at least two new novellas done. 🙂 First, I want to finish Facets of Glass. To that end, I deleted several thousand words of notes to myself, so that I would know how much I actually still have to write. I’m thinking now that it’s going to need about another 20,000 words.

My “official” Nano project will be An Airship for Elise. It was originally a short story, but the critiques pretty universally said it had to be longer. I’m thinking that, if I can finish it, Airship will give me the other 30,000 words I need to reach the wordage goal. If not, I will then also get started on Shards of Glass, the third book in the Glassmakers trilogy.

One of the reasons I’m doing Airship is because I found this amazing premade cover, and I had to have it:

An Airship for Elise


Elise Daimler wants nothing more than to be an engineer like her famous uncle, Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the motor car. But in 1888, German universities do not accept women as students.

At least Elise can work as an apprentice in her uncle’s workshop. And Uncle Gottlieb has a few strings he can pull.

Unfortunately, no one reckoned with the consequences …

BTW, over at Nano I’m specficrider, if you want to add me to your buddies. 🙂

On to WIPpet Wednesday! Dowager Princess Zilia is still alone with the magic mirror, which still refuses to speak to her. Nonetheless, she is beginning to have a change of mind about it, as you will see in this snippet (which has been edited for spoilers). I give you five paragraphs for the fifth day of the month:

The mirror listened, not interrupting, allowing her to air her thoughts.
“My son may be a fool, but I will not have him look the fool.”
In the mirror’s reflection, the glass apple on the sideboard caught a ray of sunlight, almost seeming to glow.
Zilia stared at the reflected image, glad she hadn’t hurled the apple away. Perhaps it still had a role to play.
She tapped her lips with one finger thoughtfully. “Perhaps if something unfortunate befell someone near to her — quite without any threats being made?” Zilia continued, still addressing the silent mirror — and her own reflection. There was something surprisingly helpful to conversing with herself through the magic mirror. She was speaking with the person she most trusted in the world, after all.

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.

Arguing with a magic mirror for #WIPpet Wednesday

Last week, I got a surprising amount of wordage written, despite all the preparations for the launch of Island of Glass. (Thank you all very much for your help!) Anyway, the book is now published, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things regarding marketing my fiction, and last week I added a total of 6,000 words to various projects.

I’m still undecided whether I will try to do Nano this year. I have so many projects going right now, I don’t really want to abandon any of them. Well, I still have a couple of days to decide.

I also wanted to mention that with Halloween coming up, I’m going to be giving away my short story, “Misty and the Magic Pumpkin Knife” from Oct. 30 – Nov. 3 FREE on Amazon. So if you don’t have it yet, grab yourself a copy!

After that brief update, let’s continue on to WIPpet Wednesday. Dowager Princess Zilia has just dismissed the witch Vanna and is very irritated with the magic mirror for not performing for her as it did for the witch. For Oct. 29, I give you 7 short paragraphs for the day of the month (9-2):

She put the precious apple on a side table and drew a deep breath, then another, and another. She had the magic mirror, and she could call on Vanna’s services at any time. She did not need to control the magic herself — she had a monopoly on the purveyors of magic in Venice.
The only person she could truly trust was herself. She much preferred to have the reins in her own hands.
On the other hand, while a witch or an alchemist was perfectly capable of deception, what was the case with a magic mirror? Zilia had seen the mirror’s answers with her own eyes, after all, and they were quite clear.
The dowager princess turned back to the mirror. “So, Mirror, can you lie like the rest of us? Or must you always tell the truth?”
The mirror remained silent, the images it reflected unchanging.
Zilia began to pace her retiring room, forcing the mirror to follow her lead. “Perhaps I should return you to Vanna after all,” she said to the mirror. “Seeing as you are useless to me without her. But no, it is as I told the witch, I do not want anyone else accessing your magic at this time.”
The mirror followed her movements patiently.

Another mirror, just because it’s so pretty

WIPpet Wednesday is the brain child of K. L. Schwengel. If you’d like to participate, post an excerpt from your WIP on your blog, something that relates to the date in some way. Then add your link here — where you can also read the other excerpts.