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“The Leaving Sweater” finally free on Amazon!

After repeated attempts, my short story “The Leaving Sweater” is now finally free on Amazon!

The Leaving Sweater: Tales from far Beyond North

The description:

So you think magic isn’t necessary in order to leave? Think again …

Victoria Askew doesn’t want to leave remote Rolynka, Alaska when she finishes high school; it’s all she’s ever known. At least not until her mother knits her the most beautiful sweater she’s ever seen, a sweater imbued with magic — a leaving sweater…

Even if you’ve already read “The Leaving Sweater” on Strange Horizons, where it was originally published, do please download the ebook! I’m hoping that with a permafree story in the series “Tales From Far Beyond North” I might be able to sell a few more tales in the series, which in turn just might inspire to me to write more about the oddball community in Rolynka, Alaska near the Bering Strait, with its strange forms of everyday magic.

The stories were inspired by a combination of my mother’s background in Nome, Alaska, and my love of the brilliant TV series, Northern Exposure. So I guess the stories are a sort of fanfic, even if several of them have been published in professional publications already. 🙂

Trailer for Tales From Far Beyond North

And if you are so inclined, please tell your friends to download too!

“Dragon Time” live as Countdown Deal, and “Gawain and Ragnell” finally free!

I posted yesterday about the new KDP Select “Countdown Deals” and my decision to give it a whirl with my YA short story collection, Dragon Time. It took a while, but the sale is now live:

Also, I am very happy to announce that today Amazon finally price-matched Gawain and Ragnell, and it is now permafree. Download! Tell your friends! Send links to everyone who enjoys Arthurian fiction! *g*

I want to thank everyone who tattled on me and helped to make this novelette free. Cross your fingers for me that it helps with sales of the other Pendragon Chronicles books. 🙂

Announcing Gawain and Ragnell — and a request

I have a “new” short story in the Pendragon Chronicles series now available as ebook, Gawain and Ragnell.

To be honest, it’s been up on Amazon for almost a month, but I’ve put off announcing it for a couple of reasons.

1) It isn’t actually all that new, since it’s an expanded version of an episode from Shadow of Stone.

2) It took a while for it to get expanded distribution on Smashwords, so that it would be free on iTunes and B&N. Then, when I finally noticed that it was available, it was like a week before the Villa Diodati workshop I talked about in my last post, and I was just too busy reading and critiquing the stories to spend much time on blog posts.

But now it’s available. And I have a request, or rather, a couple. Back in the day when I included the episode in Shadow of Stone, I didn’t yet know that I would be getting out of traditional publishing. But I was a bit frustrated that Yseult still hadn’t sold in the original English, only in German, Dutch, and Italian. So even then I was intending to market the Gawain episode separately — by offering it to short story markets — in the hopes that someone in my native language would become interested in the series.

That didn’t happen. Once I published Shadow of Stone myself, Gawain and Ragnell was no longer a candidate for short story markets, since it was previously published.

But it’s still a self-contained story. And I’m hoping that it will still work to draw attention to my other Arthurian books. I’ve read numerous discussions on the KBoards and elsewhere about how effective having something “permafree” can be to entice readers to check out a series by an author they’re unfamiliar with. When progress on the prequel Ygerna didn’t go as quickly a I would have liked, I finally remembered that I actually had another stand-alone story in the world of the Pendragon Chronicles, and it wouldn’t take nearly as long to whip into shape and make into an ebook. It had been workshopped, it had been edited, it just had to be expanded a bit, quotes added, and a cover made.

And now I come to the request. In order for Gawain and Ragnell to work as an advertisement for The Pendaragon Chronicles, it has to be free. And in order for it to be free on Amazon, they have to notice that it’s free in other stores that they take seriously (which apparently doesn’t include Smashwords and Kobo). So if anyone would be inclined to help me out and tattle on me, I would really appreciate it! Here’s the link to Amazon:


On that page, click on the link “tell us about a lower price,” click “Website,” then enter one of the following links and the price “0.00.”



The other request I have is to take a look at my blurb and tell me what you think:

Gawain was not only Arthur’s champion, he was the champion of the ladies as well. He loved many women, but none too much — until one of his lovers told him she intended to marry another man.

Now, a year later, he is running away from his disappointment, traveling north to fight against a mysterious warrior who has taken the hill-fort of the lady Ragnell.

But there is a mystery to Ragnell too, the beauty with the ravaged face. And Gawain learns he must solve both mysteries, that of the warrior and that of the lady …

Publisher’s note: Gawain and Ragnell is an expanded version of an episode in Shadow of Stone, so readers who have read the second novel of the Pendargon Chronicles will already be familiar with the story. The ebook includes an excerpt from the first book in the series, Yseult.

Gawain and Ragnell is a short story of approximately 17,000 words, or 65 pages.

And, of course, download it for free, if you are so inclined. 🙂

I HAS HARD COPY! *g* Yseult published to CreateSpace

After weeks of work, and ten days waiting for the proof, Yseult arrived in Germany today — and it looks gorgeous! See for yourself:

Ok, that last is a bit dusty, I admit. 🙂

Right now, I’m happy I went ahead and took so much time to get this book right, and that I spent the money on one of Joel Friedlander’s templates for the interior. It was still a heck of a lot of work, but here’s what it looks like:

I’m ridiculously proud of myself. *g* So off I went to CreateSpace to approve the proof. Yseult should be available on Amazon in 5-7 days. (As I mentioned in a previous post, I opted out of Expanded Distribution because it would have put the minimum price of Yseult at over $20!)

Just for fun, I also took a pic of all the traditional publications of Yseult, the translations into German, Dutch and Italian. I really think the do-it-yourself version is quite decent in comparison!

Now that I know all the work paid off, I will post at length about the process, seeing as (as far as I’m concerned) it was a success. But since this is primarily an update post, I’ll leave it at the pretty pictures for now. 🙂

The beginning of this week, I got a really bad cold or really bad allergies (this time of year, I can’t always tell which), and that has slowed my progress on Island of Glass somewhat. I feel more like a person again today, but the creeping crud is still giving me some problems. I’m up to chapter six on the revisions now. Adding a foil for Chiara means a lot more new writing than just a read-through, so it’s taking longer than an editing pass would. But I think this will make the book a lot stronger.

And for those who don’t yet have it, Shadow of Stone is FREE through Friday, May 31. Enjoy!